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  1. Hi guys, I'm trying to find anyone who makes engine mounts for installing a LT engine in our cars. Thanks
  2. I'm interested in the engine as well, if you haven't already sold it. Please let me know.
  3. I'm interested in the stock air cleaner, do you still have it ? How much would you sell it for ?
  4. Nemesis, already have rear bumper, I am interested in the side skirts, do you still have them, what do you want for them ? Jerry Mitchell
  5. Dave, I'm specifically working on an E31 head , which has the quench chambers like the P90, (egg shape) and a L26 engine. I don't want to cut the haed too much, but I'm trying to get to around 10: 1 CR. Thanks, Jerry Mitchell
  6. Dave, What I'm trying to learn is what impact shaving a head will have on compression ratio, for example if an E31 head is installed on a L26, and the resulting CR is 8.5:1, what will it be if the head is shaved .20, or .30 etc. If you can help wiht this it would be tremendous ! Thanks, Jerry Mitchell
  7. Is anyone aware of a utlity that allows different Z engines with different head configurations and resulting compresseion ratios, and one that allows you to shave the head in steps to know the compression ratio results based on how much you shave. Thanks for any info you might have.
  8. Trying to build my own brackets to convert rear drums to disc brakes, I know some others have done this, I'm trying to do this economically, so I want to make my own brackets, but I need specifications on the rear hub outside diameter, and the bolt pattern to bolt up the brackets. I can go from there to make the reast of the bracket, I know I can tear it all down and get this data, but I'd really like to have the brackets made before I tear it down. Thanks for any help anyone can lend.
  9. Matt, How do I get your upgraded kit ? Thanks, Jerry Mitchell
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