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  1. I'm looking for a dust cap for front wheel bearing. It's for a Datsun 1975 280z any help would be greatly appreciated .
  2. Hello members was wondering if anyone could help me with turn signal wiring I have a PDF of turn signal wiring but seems to be scrambled can't recognize connectors, wire color or complete runs of the wires. So I was wondering could some one point me in the right direction to get one that is readable. My problem is tail lights and hazards donot work getting power to flasher but if connected to tail lights it grounds or something and power is loss it is not blowing fuses just goes from 12v to 0v any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi was wondering what you done to fix this prob. I'm having the same issue
  4. Are the Seatbelts interchangeable need help soon! I have a 75 280z and was offered a set for a 77 any help is as always greatly appreciated
  5. Hi I'm still in need of drivers seatbelt can anyone help
  6. Hi guys was wondering if someone had a drivers side seatbelt for sale.looks like mine likes drinking water but didn't know the side effects! Black is the color of belt . Any help is greatly appreciated
  7. Thank you guys found one from another Hybridz member
  8. Hi was wondering if some one has a tire well for 75 280z laying around after there fuel cell conv. Or maybe a parts car they could remove it from in fairly good shape unless in NC would have to ship to me but I'm willing to pay for that too. Trying to get my daily driver together I know out of sight out of mind but want to do this right.
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