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  1. I was looking at the types of headers available for the LS1 in a datsun s30 chassis. Basically what I have gathered is that you have Johns Cars, Jags that run (sanderson), and CX racing... now all of these run $350+.. I was looking at some other "generic" header sets on summit, and other places and was wondering if anyone has figured out what fits and what doesn't... are there any OEM headers that fit?
  2. going to install an ls1 into my z... want to go carb conversion for simplicity and old school feel.... now with the taller engine height of a carb and air filter... will that cause hood interference? Anyone have experience?
  3. I'm swapping an ls1/Lm7/Gen III v8 into my 77 280z. I'll be using a t56 trans and a clsd from a z31 turbo.... Question is: What do I do about making a drive shaft for it? I don't have a drive shaft now to source parts from... so what components do I need to purchase or who should I contact? Thanks!
  4. Update: found out that the problem was the MAF. I'm still going to text all injector OHMS and see if I can find the source to the misfire that still persists.
  5. update.... now the car won't even run. I tried starting it this morning and it'll just fire on a few cylinders then quit. I can hear the pump prime the system when the ignition is on, and also keep on running for a few seconds after the engine dies. History: had it for about a week now. bought it off of a guy who didn't know much about cars. Problems were the same with him. I'm going to check the fuel pressure/ filter and rail and see whats going on. I'm thinking that it primes the system, runs, fuel pressure drops, then it dies.... sound logical?
  6. I have an 87 300zx turbo that is having some running problems, I'm not sure if it is all related or not. Cold Starts: Cranks over, fires a few cylinders, then dies. This will repeat for a few times but eventually it'll start then keep on running. Once running/warm starts: hesitation/misfire all over the rpm range. I thought the problem was ignition, so I replaced the cap,rotor,wires,and plugs. Didn't Fix the problem. Anyone have Ideas?
  7. My alternator was not producing enough voltage so I replaced it...ran it for a few days and the volt meter hovered smack in the middle between 12v and 16v. lately when the car is running the volt meter will spike past 16v when the exterior lights are turned off. When I turn on the exterior lights, the volt meter will stay between 12 and 16 and stay there. what gives? Do I need to replace my voltage regulator?
  8. I have a nice big turbo VW jetta that I'm looking to sell and buy a Datsun OR just trade for one. http://columbus.craigslist.org/cto/4402220403.html I'm just looking for a running and driving Datsun with nothing too major wrong with it. I'd like something with a v8 swap or turbo but I'm not too picky. 419-348-3828
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