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  1. Does anyone have an idea of what they connect to? Or if they are needed?
  2. I am still working on my swap wiring, can anybody identify what this black boxe is and also what these wires go to. They were cut before I bought the car and idk what they are. I don't have to much left in the swap besides these wires and figuring what hoses are needed
  3. Anybody have anything to say about this subject?
  4. I have been doin a lot of research and I am trying to get this rats nest of wiring that the previous owner left behind. But my question is about the fuse box side of the harness on the passengers side, is there and modifications that is needed to be done to the harness (82-83) to make it all work besides the Alternator voltage relay? I have done the FI and ignition side of the harness for the most part already.
  5. After doing more research about the 82 wiring I found out that my connectors have already been wired for the 82 swap.thanks for the help
  6. Thanks for the help, I was hoping that is was. Any idea what all the split wires could be for? I remember reading about the ignition connector having the 1 yellow wire going to the engine bay like the picture I posted
  7. Here are some pictures of my harness, the previous owner did some shity work to it but idk what he tried to do, and hopefully yall can help
  8. I just picked up a ECU from the junk yard and It was said to be a 82 - 83 280zx turbo ECU. But I'm not sure how to find out if it is or not. so if you have any info on how to make sure it's the right you see you please help me out also
  9. I have a 1977 280 Z with a L28ET engine in it but my problem is I don't know what year wiring harness is attached to it ( or halfway attached to it). what are some identifier that I can look for to figure out what year harness is I have? I can post pics later today after work if anyone would like to see it
  10. Who is located in the hampton roads Virginia area that knows know to make a wiring harness from scratch and wants to help me out? I'm probably going to go the VEMS or Haltech route. Thanks
  11. I am going to completely make my own wiring harness for the l28et, and get the one from DIYautotune.com . I have never made a harness before, but i have a lot of experience in crimping different types of connectors, soldering, and stuff. I basically wanted to see what kind of advice everyone has out their or know of any great writ ups for this type of job. All i can find are people using their old harnesses for their ECU's. Also i will be going with Haltech for a standalone ECU.
  12. Thanks for the help guys, do y'all have any places that has good wire harnesses to run on my car? I found that MS had some for sell that didn't look to bad. Or I might just find a website and terminate my own connectors and have all the right sheilding
  13. thanks for all the info, i already have a throttle body spacer from Arizona Z and now looking in some local junk yards for the 240 TB. Haltech so far from all the research is looking really good, just a little more expensive depending on if i get the 500 series or the 1000 series. not too many write ups on the haltech compared to MS.
  14. ha i was thinking that, and my job deals with wiring, crimping and shielding anyways so i think it will be worth it. and it will also give me the peace of mind that i know what goes where. I havent researched Haltech yet, only MS, Vems, and a couple other random companies.. I want to keep it under 1k with a standalone ecu since the stock one is no where to be found. I appreciate all the help, now i just need to find some missing sensors that the other guy lost and start over. ( AFM, TPS, Throttle body)
  15. yea,i was reading write up about the whole 36-1 and it seemed pretty straight forward. the guy who started wiring and taping things on the old harness made everything go everywhere and it just is a rats nest. What is everyones opinion on getting another turbo harness or getting something like the MS wire harness and do it all from scratch?
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