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  1. SAT files should work. That's a good point. We are not requiring ownership of the file. You are free to keep the rights to the design. Now if you would like to work with us to mass produce the item, royalty terms would definitely be established. Our technology could just as easily be used for small batch production runs, so keep the sales market in mind. Thanks guys!
  2. Admittedly we might need to refine the requirements a little more. It should be something that hasn't been done before, something that would land on the front pages of magazines. Whether that is through uniqueness or just good execution of a concept. I do hope that it is something for the L6 engine. Anyone ever sequential twin turbo Inconel manifold with cast wastegate flange and downtube? Our native CAD platform is Solidworks. Any IGES, STEP, PRT, SLDPRT will work fine.
  3. Hello Hybridz, First, a little about myself and our little startup company. I’m a mechanical engineer with a heavy background in manufacturing and technology. My first car was a ’77 280z. It was a great little project car and a lot of fun to tinker with. I ended up doing a turbo/holset/megasquirt/edis conversion and driving the rings off of it—what a blast. I ended up selling that car and buying a ’74 260z SCCA race: Holley 4 barrel, big cam, headers, light flywheel, straight pipes. It generally terrified passengers and sounded like Barry White gargling wasps. Those two cars gave me a lo
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