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  1. I added additional strapping because the kit they offer for this unit is meant to hold it in place, not really as "hangars". I think it'll take a few weeks before I can post install of Walbro and fab of chase, etc..
  2. This: http://www.summitracing.com/parts/rci-2162ab Fit pretty well - maximum fuel capacity in stock location minus spare tire well with room for exhaust
  3. Yes; stock external through same filler door. Going to loose interior space because the new filler is above original trunk area floor. This is where the Sheetmetal work is taking place.
  4. Thanks Tim; we removed the tank anticipating locating I believe a '76 tank, the earliest compatible model with a baffle. We had the turbo motor, and we're replacing all fuel lines, etc.. A fuel cell became an easier to acquire option. Also, the $700+ cell-pump combos scared me off... We aren't going to run E85. I found a neck and breather combo which fits perfectly. Also a filler inlet at a 45 degree angle for the top of the cell. I will be doing some Sheetmetal fab around all where the spare used to sit. I'll post pics when I'm doing it.
  5. Tim and New Zed: only item I'm still wondering about: the aluminum cell doesnt have an internal rubber bladder. I mounted it well with a lot of support with no potential for abrasive vibration, and it's in exactly the same spot as stock... Is there a reason to worry about this in a daily driver?
  6. Thank you. This Walbro unit comes with a tray to compensate for the issue of baffles and efi swaps
  7. The fuel cell not being tapped for an in-tank pump was okay with me until i read about overheating fuel, cavitation etc. (we arent running a super high performance motor -- pretty much a stock set up) Reading about how to overcome these potential problems brought me to two options: 1) the external set up; low pressure pump, swirl/surge tank, high pressure pump, reulator, return in minimum 3/8 inch line Or 2) drill out fuel cell for Walbro 255 with tray in-tank pump, filter and regulate externally continuing in 3/8 inch supply to inlet on rail, return to cell in 3/8 inch If the second schematic sounds ideal, i want to do it (actually, i ordered the Walbro last night in anticipation). Looking for the easiest to maintain and troubleshoot system. I already plumbed the new rigid 3/8 inch lines through the tunnel and hung the cell - this pump and return question is really a "What is best to do now?" Query.
  8. This is quite the simple solution, but still requires a whole lot of joints and two pumps (potential for leakage, additional pump...) I think I want to just tap my rci fuel cell and install this: Walbro 255 Then regulate pressure, filter, hook up to my new 3/8 feed and come back in my new 3/8 return. That sound best to you New Zed?
  9. New Zed: I guess I couldn't find what I was looking for until you told me to search in this sub-category... That was good reading! I like the BCBroncos solution; small little oil-filter-type swirl tank. But I also like the drilling out/tapping my aluminum fuel cell for an in tank pump -- nobody posted anything after in that 2011 thread. I'll go back and save some images to post now (BCBroncos and the other in-tank)
  10. Blow hards... Pros at selling wolf tickets... wannabe men who spend all their money and time on themselves barking loud about a father-son project? Let me guess Porchephile, you wear designer jeans and take selfies in front of your 924, and are considering "A Touch of Grey" so you'll be taken more seriously?
  11. Alright - thanks for the lead New Zed; I'm not wanting to reinvent what I've done so far. It's just the boiling of fuel / cavitation problems I read about troubled me. The submersible/in-tank pump seemed to solve that. I'll read about the Surge Tank
  12. We're putting an '83 Turbo into our '72. We read about needing a later model tank to swap in, with a baffle, etc., and knew our fuel lines were insufficient -- bottom line, stock wouldn't work so we got it out of the way.
  13. I think I screwed up; didn't like the cells with pump prices - damn! Pricey; thought I could purchase pump and filter and save @ $400... But the whole cavitation and overheating issue is something I was unaware of. So, now I toss the fuel cell and start searching for an all-in-one unit. Besides, I learned the single wall aluminum cell I was intending to use wasn't sufficient for the application; mounted where stock tank was, exposed, should have a rubber bladder for safety. Thanks for the feedback. Will post replacement system here when I find one. Submersible in-tank pump is the only way to go for these turbo conversions, is what I'm thinking.
  14. Oh? The "it's dangerous, stupid and hard" I guess was the sophisticated and solicited input I was looking for, but my tunnel vision had me ignore it, right? Thanks for pointing that out, big guy.
  15. So I'm wondering what performance issues I may be dealing with, with this smaller booster.... All new SS lines, rebuilt front and rear to stock (disc front, rear drum) and new slave from Black Dragon Spacer isn't shown between slave and master, but it all lines up and seems to fit well.
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