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  1. anyone have one? Allen 704-907-0498
  2. I sent my 3.1 stroker turbo off to rebello racing for a rebuild. LD28 crank, he custom ground the cam, P90 head flow matched with intake & exhaust, forged pistons, turbo impeller wheel upgraded to a grand national one, pushing about 10 lbs of boost. It was dyno'd by rebello: 344 HP @ crank @ 5300 RPM's & 366 TQ @ crank @ 4300 RPM's. I don't have the car back yet, it is being tuned as we speak. I'm expecting about 290 HP & 300 TQ to the ground. That number could go up with larger injectors & turbo, but this should be plenty and of course the build went way over budget as it is............
  3. I have a 70 240Z, and need the cables that go on the back of the HVAC panel. Allen 404-313-3843
  4. I am having the turbo & intercooler system redone on my L28 turbo 240Z. right now it has a 50 mm throttle body, which I suspect is the weak link. I want to upgrade it to a 58 or 60 mm, any ideas? I need it to bolt to a N42 intake, have a 2.5 inch inlet, and hook up to the stock linkage. a couple people have told me that I need a 240SX throttle body. if so, from what years? I have an ancient Haltec system, picture of the TPS sensor attached. (also would like a new engine management system is anyone has one for sale).
  5. I need to upgrade my throttle body on my 3.1 stroker turbo. Any suggestions? Any for sale?
  6. definitely possible. you can email pictures to allen.hammond@gmail.com. Thanks!
  7. Actually just looking for the cables that attach to the back of the levers on the heater and vent controls, but will take the whole assembly if easier.
  8. need seatbelts and carpets for a 1970
  9. I have a red one if you're still looking. You can email me at allen.hammond@gmail.com.
  10. just bought a '70, and it didn't have the seat belts! need a whole set (black). thanks!
  11. I am in Charlotte, NC, and am needing a good shop to shave down a 2+2 flywheel. Can anyone recommend one? preferably in my area, or at least on the east coast!! Any help is appreciated.
  12. guys, i bought a turbo motor off a guy in winston salem, NC area, he also had a jim cook racing kit he was trying to sell - $500. He also had an early 260 motor with the SU's with 85K - $300, a bunch of misc parts spread out on a tarp - $100, and a fiberglass hood - $100. The hood looked like it had some flaws, possibly made in someones garage, so ask for detailed pics, I never saw the 260 motor, but the guy was really easy to work with and he wants this stuff gone, so i figured i'd pass his number along. His name is Delmar 336-391-5305.
  13. I appreciate all the feedback guys!
  14. I just bought a L28D with what I hope is a 5 speed for what I think is a great price! My plans for the 5 speed were to put into a '71 240 with a 280ZX turbo motor, and maybe keep the crank to stroke my '76 280 when the engine needs to be rebuilt. Although after reading some threads about stroking, I guess some people don't recommend it. Anyway, I searched the threads and couldn't find any info on this: is the 5 speed that came in the early maxima's good for a street application? Like I said, I was going to put in in the '71 turbo. I know Nissan 5 speeds were all geared differently depending on what they went in. Also, what is the going rate for the L28D cranks? Thanks!
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