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  1. My girlfriend and myself broke up a while back and I lost interest in pretty much everything I was doing. I haven't touched my projects or hobbies in a few months. I finally got up to looking at my Z again and ordered a whole rear quarter panel from 88dangerdan. It should be here very soon. I got my sandblaster out and pulled off my front fender and sandblasted under it. I'll look for a FF next. I also sandblasted inside and scraped everything out. I took out the dash for repair and am getting ready to cut out the floorboards. I know that my pictures aren't that good but give me a little sla
  2. HI, I've been working on a rusted shell for just a little while and would like some help from you guys in your experience. I have a post in the member's projects forum if you would like to visit it. I've just got my camera back and I'll have new pictures sometime this week. http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/118069-my-first-z-and-hello/?hl=agita I've got my sandblaster out and I've started to get to work. I've been looking for a junk yard find where I can cut a fender out for my driver's side rear quarter panel but
  3. I've removed the dash this weekend. Pics coming soon.
  4. ROFL, I like this place already. I have lots of metal, I was just thinking of going a bit thicker. Believe it or not the passenger side has very little rust. The front fender and the door are without rust completely, although I intend to take them to bare metal and rust-proof everything I can get to. I've already got the drivers door, and a lead on a good fender. The rear one looks to be a pain though. Blackdragon has the rear fender but It's hard to make out what they are. I intend to call them soon to ask for clarification.
  5. Hi all and Thanks for the responese, I'm not versed in fiberglass and don't much like it,..... so I'm a welding guy, I'm pretty good with MIG, TIG, and Torch welding. I'm actively hunting a doner car right now. I'll have a go at it in the next little while and I'll keep this posed with updates. Starting with the floors and the driver's side inner rocker panels. I was just gonna use ~16 gage stainless for the floors possibly bead rolled. Opinions?
  6. Hello, I'm Agita. I just bought a 240z that is in decently bad shape. It's rusted pretty bad in places and the driver's side panels will need to be replaced. The hood is damaged where some idiot used a crowbar to open it..... not kidding.....what a jerk. Most all of the interior plastic panels are in really good shape, one or two have small cracks that I'm not entirely worried about. One has two holes cut out for speakers..... sadly. I bought a whole driver's door in good condition minus a rust spot the size and shape of a quarter. Much better than the giant dent in mine. I also picked up a co
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