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  1. Sorry, I am driving a 1987 Nissan 300zx Z31. I figured since it was in the Z31-300zx part of the forum I didn't need to specify. Thanks G-E for the advice! I will try and fix what you said might be the problem!
  2. I have been experiencing a problem with my fuel pump running. I put in a Nistune type 1 board into the ecu to tune my car, got it to run, but the fuel pump would cut out after running for about 30 seconds. It would prime the rail, but there would be no more fuel after running for 30 seconds. I replaced the fuel pump with a walbro 255lph, hoping it would fix the problem. Turned the key and the pump primed the fuel rail, good sign. But it ended up doing the exact same thing as the old pump. I took a look at the relays then and replaced both of the relays, still hasn't changed a thing. The Nistun
  3. Well this is a freshly rebuilt engine. So, a leaky head gasket isn't possible, because I installed it properly. I checked the plugs and cylinders there isn't any coolant just fuel. The piece the radiator cap locks onto, that has the overflow hose connecting to it was the bad part. I do have a Chilton Service Manual, but that has no organization or really helpful info. I'll take a look at the nicoclub FSM to see if I can find anything.
  4. Alright I have a 1987 z31, base model, 5spd, and with a vg30e w/ upgraded head work. This was my project and I finally got it running correctly and idling fine. I could actually take my foot off! Then, the thermostat would open and coolant started leaking from the radiator cap. After that happened the engine started to dip in rpm and go back up a couple times then it died. So I replaced the overflow/ radiator cap lock part and it didn't want to start after. It would backfire out the exhaust, but wouldn't start. Again, everything is timed because it idled fine before replacing that small
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