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  1. Fellas, I'm looking for a non-turbo P90 square port L28 exhaust manifold. We've run into clearance issues with the california datsun headers we purchased and have no time to spare. please email me pics and price at gn9250@yahoo.com shipping is for TX 78412. Please let me know if you got one. Thanks! -gus
  2. Gents, looking for a 5 speed 280ZX shifter, email me pics at gn9250@yahoo.com thanks!
  3. can you please send me a pic to gn9250@yahoo.com
  4. I got a set of swastikas...is that what you need?
  5. hi there fellas, looking for a 280ZX drivers side door latch assembly. The current 1 was broke when we gutted the doors; apparently the return spring broke and fell out. Let me know if you have one.. gn9250@yahoo.com. I've got paypal ready!
  6. Can anyone help out? Our team has a Lemons race next month and we desperately need these axles. Thank you!
  7. Need r200 4 bolt axles. Shipping to 78412. Please send me pics and pricing. gn9250@yahoo.com
  8. I just need 2; can you do $120 shipped for 2?
  9. Looking for 14" OEM Wheels 0 offset for a Lemons 280ZX build. Its a lemons a car so the uglier the better just need to be true and straight. Let me know what you got contact me via email gn9250@yahoo.com Thanks for your time.
  10. hi borini63. thank you on the offer. this is a lemons car. so I'm trying to stay around $200.
  11. Hi fellas. Looking for a set of 15in wheels for our lemons car. 280zx swastika would be the best since we already 2. Appearance or condition doesn't matter as long as it's straight. But let me know what you have. We are trying to stick to 15s to keep rubber price down. gn9250@yahoo.com
  12. I'm not 100% all I know its a 79 280ZX. Let me get a photo of the original. Thank you
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