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  1. Never mind, I will shim the caliper, skyline rotors are available however the cost of shipping is prohibitive. Odyssey rotors it is.
  2. JoeK, what would you say was the total amount of "shimming" you did, would you say 6mm?
  3. When you look on the Japan auction sites with this "type" of adapter there is two different prices. I never understood why. I just looked them up, and there is something written that says the reason for the difference. The pictures on the two ads one uses the 240z hub and one uses the 260/280 hub. All the other pictures are the same? It states odyssey rotors for the 260/280 hubs, however when I put everything into google translate it states for the smaller hub 240z a r33 gtst type m rotor is used. This rotor is still 296 mm and 30mm wide however I'm guessing that the hat height is different. W
  4. Thanks a lot, that is great information. The picture do. Great job of clarifying.
  5. I just got mine a few days ago and I'm very impressed with the part. Great job. Have not, and will not be fitting on car for some time but I am waiting to see install on a 240z how many shins I will have to use.
  6. I have found a machine shop that will be able to modify the rotors, so I'm in. Again depending on cost.
  7. I would be interested. What rotors would need to used to mate up correctly. Honda Odyssey? Skyline? Obviously depends on cost as well.
  8. Did you make the front brackets yourself? What rotors are you using out front?
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