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  1. Thanks for the good advice. I removed the thermostat housing and drilled and tapped two of the holes to 3/8 NPT. This allowed me to run my coolant temp sensor as well as the temp sensor to trigger the electric fans.
  2. I just put together a 240Z with a L28Et and MS2 V3.57. I bought the GM coolant temperature sensor from DIY and I can't find a spot to install it. The new sensor is much larger then the oem sensors. Any advice? Thanks.
  3. Wow, it is a good thing I asked. Thanks.
  4. I intend to run an oil cooler in the future. Leaving the adapter there would simplify my future plans.
  5. I am preparing a L28Et for installation in my 240Z. The motor has a factory oil cooler and I would like to block it off for now to simplify the installation. I bought adapters and AN blockoff caps to replace the factory banjo bolts. It just occurred to me that I don't know if the motor need to flow oil through the oil cooler fittings for proper oiling. Does anyone know if it is safe to block the cooler lines?
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