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  1. Lol was that you I saw yesterday in the flame shooting FD? Thanks for the response. Just covering all my bases. Don't want to put 20K and 3 years into a project just to have it impounded.. but I don't think I'll have any problems as you said. Thanks again
  2. Let's say I get pulled over by a police officer for whatever reason, and he somehow recognizes that it's not stock and asks to look under the hood. Do I have to let him without a warrant?
  3. Thanks for the informative reply! Until I found this forum, pretty much all the information I was turning up about RB swaps was saying how illegal it would be and hard to get to meet emissions without nerfing the engine with additional legal equipment. I mostly want a trackable non-daily RB26 240Z, so the less holding it back the better... I didn't know it would be this legal. Awesome!
  4. Hey guys, first time poster here, just recently came across your forum and its vast wealth of information. As someone who plans to one day buy a 72 240Z and swap in a Skyline power train, I'm pretty excited to find this forum. The one hiccup that had me rethinking the whole project is emissions laws - here in NJ, just about every vehicle that's not historic or a hybrid has to meet emissions laws, and I'm sure many of you have similar laws in your states. However, I don't plan on embarking on this project until I am out of the military (currently on track to enlist in the Navy in the coming months) and have found a place to live, preferably somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. I decided to look up emissions laws by those states up there and what I found just seemed absolutely too good to be true. Oregon and Washington seem pretty lax on emissions laws as it is, only requiring emissions testing in certain metropolitan areas and having no statewide requirement. The real kicker though, is that Washington actually has a clause stating that custom vehicles are completely exempt from emissions testing. Washington emissions page: http://www.dol.wa.gov/vehicleregistration/emissions.html -> if you scroll down to 'exemptions' and click on RCW 46.04.162 you will find that page. I already knew that putting an RB26DETT into a 74 or older S30 would prove to be much easier than any 75 or newer car due to more lax emissions requirements. But this just seems wayyyy too good to be true.... Any thoughts you guys? Does this really mean what I think it means? I can just throw skyline parts at a 240z and it won't matter as long as the vehicle is at least 30 years old? Sorry if this has been covered in a previous topic but I wasn't able to turn up any information about this with the search function
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