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  1. I thought the control arms had mounting points for the sway bar. I see where the SB is mounted to the diff mount. On AZC's website the SB connection to the rear control arm is present on the billet control arm and in one of the pics with the full install the rear sway bar can be seen to mount to the control arm. 1) why did you choose the AZC over MM arms and 2) Are camber plates necessary in the rear or can camber be adjusted adequately with the arms? Finished a DE event at Infineon last weekend and they had a Panamera there but were only giving rides in a Maserati Quattroport (sp?). I'l
  2. The AZC website show billet 6061T-6 aluminum control arms like the front. I didn't realize they had a chromoly version. Did you have to fashion a mount for the rear sway bar? In one shot I thought I saw the links taped to the control arm.
  3. Following the restomod with great interest! Though I was born in Texas, I share the same affliction (have an '07 C2S, '05 LR3, and a '70 240z). Read the Excellence article 3-4 times (great car). I was wonderin' why you chose the modern motorsports rear control arms over the AZC rears? Was this a weight issue? It'd be great to see a time at VIR when you get it dialed in.
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