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  1. Ha! yup.... Im 400 buck shy of 10 grand. new goal. 20k I used to live in Lawrence, then Overland Park, but now I'm down in Austin TX and the car is In the Dallas area at my parents house. I'll finally be moving into a place with a garage, so when i can get this thing into a rollable state, it's coming down to Austin to live with me . Been a while since i've updated! i took a couple weeks off from work, and was able to make some progress on the car. I picked up another abandoned sr20det built. same deal as the first one. this one however, instead of having all of the aftermark
  2. Wow it's been a while since progress worthy of an update. I've been traveling for work a bunch recently. I did make quite a bit of progress, I feel. So to start off, I picked up a ford 8.8" rear end, It was from an explorer, disk brakes, limited slip, and 3.73 gears. This thing sat in the back of my truck for a very long time while I researched how to narrow a rear end. After feeling confident I could narrow it myself, I had to know how much. This required me to wrap the rims with some rubber, so I could mock it up underneath the body. I ordered up some Bridgestone Potenza Re-11 in 245/
  3. Been a while since I've given an update. The progress on this car has been pretty much limited to just buying parts. I recently picked up a 1972 240z driver to fart around town in, so the Z takes up all my time, and the Roadster takes up all my money Here's the new stuff: I had to bite the bullet and order the ball joints. there was no way around it...$500 for 2 uppers and 2 lowers. $200 bucks for 1989 z31 turbo front hubs. I will be taking these to have the bearing diameters bored to match the roadster wheel bearings. should be a straight forward bolt on after that.
  4. Got the switch apart again, and it seems that when i sanded the two contacts that are normally closed, i just barely bent it back enough to where it wouldnt make contact and complete the brake light circuit. I tweaked the tabs back where they should be, reinstalled, and now I have brake lights, turn signals, the whole works. I meant to take some photos to post, incase someone else runs into this problem and post, but was too focused on getting it fixed. I cant thank you enough Miles.
  5. I followed the steps in the video this afternoon, sanding the contacts inside with some 400 grit to shine them up. The tabs holding the assembly together were already scored, telling me this has been gone through before. The whole process took about 30 minutes and turn signal issue has been resolved. I was so happy, I went straight to the inspection station.... no brake lights. DOH! After reading your post, I must have boogered something in the turn signal switch. There were the 4 turn signal contacts that are activated via the spring and ball bearing, then there were two more that are perpend
  6. Miles, thank you for that! My Z's symptoms match the video exactly. I had ruled out the signal switch because it activated the fronts. Makes sense that there is a contact for both the front and rear on each side. I will rip the switch apart and update on the outcome. Thanks again!
  7. Hello all, i just picked up a non running completely stock 72 240 and after a new battery, alternator, plugs, wires etc, she is running and driving great. Before i can register the car here in Texas, i need an inspection. Everything on the car required for inspection works great except the turn signals. At first, none of the of the turn signals worked, so i replaced the turn signal flasher, new 1157 bulbs in the front and 1156 bulbs in the back. Now all of the turn signals work except the driver side rear. I just cant figure this one out! Fuses can be ruled out as all have continuity
  8. I made a little progress today. I went and sand blasted the front suspension sans the ball joints and powder coated them. The Lowes that is connected to the tech shop carries some specialty items, and they sold powder. I thought I had bought black, but turns out it was called "black chrome" jeez i need to stop drinking while i work on this thing. Oh well, maybe it will add a little bling to the chassis. They turned out okay, a little splotchy in some areas, but overall a deep shiney dark grey. Time for a beer, Cheers!
  9. Thanks Josh, The plans for the car, are just to build it up overkill. I'd like to just have a toy that I enjoy driving, turns heads, and will give some of the rich people around here and their fancy cars a run for their money. I would also like to get into some sort of motorsport, most likely starting with autocross. Maybe a couple track days. So after this post, this build thread will be up to date, and any future updates will have to wait until the work gets done I found a kid in Tyler, TX who was selling off an abandoned S13 SR20det black top build. He had completely
  10. Another weekend was spent on removing the front end. I was able to remove the suspension and brakes, but the ball joints on the steering components gave me trouble and was left on the car. The ball joints are shot. 2 uppers and 2 lowers will run me $490...OOOF! thats a kick in the nuts. I might try and retrofit some other ones. That sucks! Suspension components disassembled and ready for some sandblast and powdercoat. After reseaching bearing and hub dimensions, the plan of attach is to try and find some 87-89 z31 turbo front hubs. If I have the inner bearing dia
  11. A weekend was spent removing the R16, and while I did not get any pictures of the process, it was a pretty funny story, I had a good friend of mine over, taking everything apart, and when it came time to pull the long block out, we set an extension ladder across the front fenders and strapped the motor to it. We each lifted one side of the ladder and walked the motor forward out of the car. Ha! anyways... Pics! My dad painted a motorcycle tank on his hood. After this, the car sat for a while until i took a week of from work. Spent it all continuing to strip the car.
  12. For those interested, here are some pics and vids of the first roadster i built. Walkaround: Some revs: While im at it, here's an XR500r I built in college: ________________________________________________________________ Okay, here is the new car's first day at her new home: Time to start stripping
  13. Hello Everybody, I rebuilt a Sora blue 1970 roadster 2000 in high school, which I regrettably sold for a sport bike. I have missed that car ever since, and have longed to build another one. Since selling the roadster, I have a couple of SR powered s13 coupes. I knew that I HAD to put one of these in the next roadster! I know it is not a Z car, but in the Fairlady lineage, it is technically the predecessor to the 240Z. At the beginning of my last semester of college up in Kansas, I purchased another Sora blue 1970 2000 Roadster for $900 and a stick welder to sweeten the deal. This r
  14. Hey thanks for the lead! Thats a good looking Z. Ill be in the area this weekend so ill stop by and check her out.
  15. I'm in the market for reasonably nice 240z. A relatively rust free and unmolested car would do me right. I really want this car in orange, but would stray away from that for a great deal. I'm located in Austin, TX and am in Dallas quite frequently, but I don't mind driving a ways for the right car. Not looking for a resto or show car. I have cash, but if any deal needs sweetening, I would be willing to part with my trusty 1975 Honda CB750. Let me know what y'all got. Cheers, Wade I used to be on these wonderful forums back when i owned my first Z, but strayed away when i got into
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