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  1. http://london.craigslist.co.uk/pts/5509017156.html Wasn't someone on this forum working with the guy who owns this? Judging by the picture, looks like nothing has changed since the eBay ad.
  2. Its been a while but I've managed to take the engine out on 2/7/16 http://imgur.com/a/vXgQY
  3. So today, I've had a closer look at the engine and a couple of interesting things about it are... The engine may have been in the hands of Impul.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Impul Basically like the Mugen to Honda, the RUF to Porsche. And it turns out that my ECU is a Mine's ECU. http://i.imgur.com/ZX3EJSy.jpg
  4. Originally I was just browsing through Ebay and forums hopefully trying to pickup an L28ET. I almost bought one and the guy ended up not being able to sell to me because the days he needed the engine gone and the day my uncle could pick it up did not match. Well that was a pretty big bummer, so I looked on Ebay and could not find a reasonably priced L28ET. I gave up on the option of finding an L28ET and started looking into the RB swaps. I settled on the RB25 and convinced myself that I would be fine with all the mounts and stuff. I added up the total and realized it was completely out of my b
  5. I plan on a top mount divided manifold. I'm just deciding on what turbo I should run on my RB20
  6. I heard using a GT30 will be to big and cause a lot of lag. If I use a twin scroll housing on a GT3071R would this reduce the lag? I just bought an RB20 and want to aim for about 400RWHP
  7. Because I didn't know I could do that. But that option is no longer available to me, I specified in my senior paper that I would like to engine swap a car. I originally wanted an L28ET because of this http://www.classiczcars.com/topic/9708-differences-between-l28-and-l28et/ page explaining that unless I want more 250hp the L28ET swap would be a better choice. I wanted to prepare myself for the future when I know I will want more power.
  8. Nevermind, I thought it was going to be around $600 like the title and the paragraph stated.
  9. How much will the engine cost? I am willing to travel down there.
  10. I can not find an L28ET through Ebay or locally through craigslist in Colorado and I thought I would ask you guys. I am in the midst of creating a plan for my senior project which is engine swapping my 77 280z and am waiting on the paper to be approved (if not I'll still do something related to an engine swap like ECU Reprogramming and go megasquirt), I have planned on either swapping in an RB20DET or an L28ET but cannot find a price that will help my budget. RB20's on Ebay fetch for around $1000 and shipping would be an added $500. I've tried finding an L28ET on Ebay and have only found
  11. I want a fixed bucket seat on sliders for my datsun, and I haven't come up with anything on the EVO 2 / 2 US . Does anyone have any experience with them in their z?
  12. http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-ROTA-WHEEL-RKR-15X9-4X114-3-15-MAGBLK-240Z-AE86-CELICA-/291606154274?hash=item43e514cc22:g:SUQAAOSwjVVVzqo6&vxp=mtr I give up on finding actual Watanabe's and these are the closest things to them I have a 280z with completely stock drivetrain, can I fit these with the stock fenders? If not can these fit under MSA Flares?
  13. I've done some googling and nothing has come up with skyline seats in a 280z. I giving these seats an option because a) I'm to fat for bucket seats b ) I need a seat for the passenger and the driver c) I want to run a harness on these seats I currently have miata seats in mine Does anyone have any knowledge of using R32/R33/R34 seats in a 280z? I really hope I am able to put R34 seats in my car Edit: Added pictures of the seats R32 Seats http://i.imgur.com/2I16YhC.jpg R33 Seats http://i.imgur.com/0MiT2e7.jpg R34 Seats http://i.imgur.c
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