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  1. I'm in need of a 240/260/280 L series automatic bellhousing. Just need the bellhousing, I don't want to pay to ship the whole transmission so if you're willing to remove and sell me just the bellhousing that would be great. Thanks much, Jim 425-7sixsix-6800
  2. WANTED - I need just the bell housing from a Borg Warner T5 - these are in the 280ZX turbo's that had 5 speed transmissions. I would consider taking the entire transmission and bell housing if the price was right. Let me know what you have - thanks!
  3. I'll take them, please send me your contact info and preferred payment method. Thanks, Jim
  4. I need all 4 door hinges complete, right and left, upper and lower. Let me know what you have. Thanks, jimfroula "at" yahoo.com
  5. Got what I need, thanks much Hybrid Z!!
  6. I need an automatic flex plate with the matching piece that goes on the rear of the crank. I have attached photos to show exactly what I need. Thanks, Jim
  7. Got what I need, thank you everyone for the responses.
  8. The Borg Warner T5 was to built to fit many different type cars (Camaro, S10, Jeep, 280ZX turbo, 300ZX, etc. etc.) all of them having different bellhousing's to adapt them to various engines. What I need is the bellhousing that specifically adapts a T5 to an L-series engine. Thank you, jimfroula "at" yahoo.com
  9. I need a T5 bellhousing, willing to buy an entire transmission if required. Please let me know what you have. Thanks. jimfroula "at" yahoo.com
  10. I need two T5 bellhousings. Please let me know if you have one to sell. Thank you, jimfroula "at" yahoo.com
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