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  1. Hello everyone! So, a few months back I purchased my first Z. A nice, 1973, 240z with minimal rust. (I now have two...) It's had a beautiful primer paint job the short time I've owned it, and I'm getting a bit tired of looking at gray and I have the funds/time to get it painted. The original color was silver, but I'd love to paint it silver. How should I go about painting it? I'm considering stripping the whole thing down, removing the engine, clearing out any rust, sand blasting it, and painting it. Is this ridiculous? Would I destroy the interior in the process, or would I be able to carefully remove the fabric? It looks like the interior has been re-upholstered within the last few years, and it is quite nice inside. Also, I've been asking around the club for prices paid for paint, and it's scary. Many club members apparently have paid $5,000 to $7,000 for a nice paint job, but I've had some people tell me they went to Maako and just did the body work themselves. I've heard mixed reviews about Maako.. If I did the bodywork myself, would Maako be appropriate? Or is there any other option for cheaper, nice paint? Would painting it myself be something that's possible? I've seen some quite nice home-done paint jobs. I'm also planning on adding on a body kit, from a website like MSA. Would a kit like this replace the hideous bench (Bumper) on the front/rear of my car? ( Does anyone have any other advice for websites selling bodykits? I really appreciate any information I could get, I'll be searching about the forums in the meantime as usual. - Todd Martin
  2. I've fixed the engine, and it's running back to normal now. Thanks everyone for the helpful input. - California Z /thread
  3. Thanks for the replies! The night before the engine problems, I filled the tank with premium gas. The tank was about 25% full before hand. Do you think it's worth draining the tank? I've only recently began learning about cars, where and what should I look for with the starting circuit? Does that have to do with the ignition system? I've replaced the distributor/coil with a Petronix electronic system. I've also taken apart most of the carburetor, including the jets that adjust the lean/rich mixture. I've replaced the vacuum lines, because at one point there was a small leak. I'm going to continue working on the 240Z later today, and hopefully I'll figure something out. I've called a local mechanic whom knows a lot about Z's and he suggested re-checking engine pressure, as well as taking off the valve cover off and inspecting the works. Any more ideas would be greatly appreciated, I really do miss driving the Z.... Thanks a lot for the help!
  4. Alright, so.. A few months back, I purchased me first 1973 240z with an unknown amount of miles on it from a younger Asian guy who had the car sitting in a garage for the last year. Prior to that, an older gentlemen had the car and did lots of work on the engine, body, and interior. When I purchased the Z, it had next to no power so as soon as I got her back home I times the engine to 10-15 degrees and cleaned out/recalibrated the carbs. After that, pure power. It ran great for about a month until one morning I tried to start it and it just wouldn't run like normal. To get it to start now, I have to choke it all the way and occasionally have to put starter fluid in the carb. When it does start, it revs high for a few seconds then comes back down and kills over. Since then, I've checked the engine pressure, rechecked the timing and carbs, the carb needle, the float and float needle, replaced the ignition and distributor with a Petronix system, checked fuel pressure and fuel lines, replaced the vacuum lines, took off the valve cover and checked to see if everything is in order. I have no idea what to look for next, and have looked through every thread and manual I can find. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as for im completely lost at this point.
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