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  1. i have a 1978 datsun 280z that is in need of a hatch, cowl, both fenders, and head light buckets. just started doing body work and these are the parts that are missing. if you have any and are willing to ship to louisiana please send me a message ! thank you for your time josh call or text 337 577 3995 for a quicker response happy 4th of july
  2. Josch034


    Anyone selling a l28et motor ? Thank you I'm in Louisiana but if willing to ship I am still interested.
  3. Kind of hard to see the rust spots I'll have to take a better.pic Tomorow but it's by the door and at the bottom of that fender .. Pretty sure there is more once the paint comes off though.
  4. Yea ! Thank god my job is a government one lol And hell no ! I've seen videos and read up on the work that comes with the floor pans that's not a task just anyone can do and say it's easy lol I'm glad he's doing it instead of me lol. Yea that's exactly what I've heard. The motors our so there won't be that temptation to drive it.. Had that done to me in my z32 guy drove it hit a pot hole and went off the road. Damaged the radiator somehow and acted like nothing happened lol.
  5. Right now in south Louisiana the economy is taking a huge hit from the oil prices so there have been tons of people who are just looking for work plus it happens to be a guy that's related to my good friend so I got s bit of sa deal. And will do! It's not to bad now but just the few spots of rust are killing it..
  6. Thanks for the info guys I've done a bit more looking around and I found a guy who has a shop that can do a complete restore on the car for 3500 including cutting and welding in new floor pans And frame rails as well as painting it after. I think I'll end up going that route instead of buying Fiberglass parts.
  7. If I were to replace with fiberglass it would be Fenders Rear bumper that goes below the big bumper. Hood Headlight buckets. I'll either do this or try to find a shop that can do cut and weld in new metal. I've been asking around and most places won't touch it they only want insurance jobs from accidents. I found one shop but the guys price is around 100$ a hour and I think that's probably a little on the high end.
  8. I picked up a 1978 datsun 280z last year for $450 I kind of just jumped on it because of the price and how it had everything there. With work and my wife having a baby I haven't been able to touch it until recently. As I started working on it I've noticed a few things.. Floor pans are rusted .. Passenger side is gone completely so I've decided to purchase the floor pans from zedd findings with the frame rails ( passenger side is toast) also my passenger side door has 2 rust holes were I am assuming the guy put mirrors on it then took it off leaving the holes open to everything and it rusted pr
  9. I have a 1978 Datsun 280z that I am restoring and before it goes into paint id like to replace the worst rusted parts and those are the front passenger side fender and the gas door if anyone has these let me know I am located in Louisiana. im willing to travel to surrounding states as long as its a reasonable distance. I appreciate it. josh
  10. Appreciate it man! I'm about to search your build now. It'll be a fun build now I'm just rebuilding the motor and getting it ready for when it's ready to be dropped in.
  11. As the car sits... Will be doing a paint job after the winter in a midnight blue pearl/tk3 mix color.
  12. I'll be dropping a 1jz in my 280z this year for now I am parts hunting and this is what I have so far 1jzgte non vvti R154 with beech performance short shifter Quicksilver top mount single turbo manifold Borg Warner s360 turbo single scroll .88a/r Precision 350hp fmic Tial wastegate 44mm Tial bov Mishimoto aluminum radiator 1jz rebuild kit ( gasket kit) 2jz water pump. What is left to get is Fmic piping Motor mounts Transmission mounts Walbro fuel pump 550cc injectors Downpipe/exhaust Haltech Ecu Wiring specialties wiring harness
  13. How much would you be willing to ship ?
  14. Looking to buy a dash for a 280z (1975) Located in Louisiana but willing to pay for shipping. Thank you
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