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  1. Hi JSM Thanks for the education. I guess I wanted to install the 300zxt axles as they are THE ones to get as they are stronger.( I rebuilt them,and painted them real pretty too. )
  2. JSM and Litman- I have a 280zxt and I am installing a lsd from a '89 300zxt. I have the 4 bolt axles from the 300zxt as well.To make the outer connection do I need custom flanges or would stock 300zxt flanges work? thanks
  3. Looking to buy a pair of axle companion flange as found on the '87-89 300zxt. Must be the 4 bolt style. thanks
  4. looking to buy a jsk or pallnet fuel rail for barb type injectors. thanks
  5. what type of barbed injectors are pictured? (size? brand?) (The green ones) thanks
  6. Gorgeous intakes Paul! nice. so ,,,now I'm back to thinking I WILL remove those dimples.
  7. Since we're on the topic of the N42,,,what about a pov? They didn't come with them,do I need one for my turbo? There's that plug in the end of the intake,add one there?
  8. oops,,,first posting. guess I did it wrong. anyways,,,should the bumps in the intake runners be removed?
  9. Great link.I'm in the process of adding this intake to my 82zxt. Do you think I should remove those dimples in each intake runner?
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