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  1. jhill


    Looking for a lonewolf intake manifold or a custom substitute. Appearance is not a concern. Will pay the correct price for the part. Thanks guys!
  2. jhill

    L28 turbo parts!

  3. jhill

    Pallnet Fuel Rail

  4. jhill

    Mk3 Supra 7Mgte Injectors

  5. jhill

    L28et parts needed!!

    I need an exhaust manifold from an l28et, distributor, oil lines, oil pan, and possibly megasquirt or some aftermarket ecu but I doubt anyone is selling. Let me know!!
  6. jhill


  7. jhill

    Parting out 83 280zx turbo

    Pmd on exhaust manifold
  8. I'll take photos today. I had purchased new rockers for the new cam and kept the old rockers in order in case I needed to go back to the old cam. They are in good shape and will be back on the lobes they came from.
  9. Newzed hit the nail on the head. Injectors were stuck open. Took a little head scratching and plenty of wtf's but after changing the dropping resistors out for another set and the ignition transistor (not sure if that's the actual name) and cleaning all wiring harness grounds the problem is fixed. Now, after I ran the car, I wiped out the new schneider cam....so back went in the old stock cam, only to find the rockers hit the top of the valve springs. Is there supposed to be a shim under the valve springs or did my machine shop add these without me knowing?
  10. Hello all. A few specifics first. I just got finished rebuilding my n42 head n42 block with schnieder 270-80f cam. Stock bosch e.f.i., stock injectors, pallnet fuel rail, 6-1 header, head shaved, kameari adjustable cam pulley. Now the issue is I am trying to get it to start (it ran on all of this before engine rebuild) and it will only start with the fuel pump unplugged and when the fuel pressure gauge hits 0. I want to properly break in the cam so I only let it run for a second or 2 and as soon as I plugged the pump back in it died. My thought is time get an adjustable fuel pressure regulator, or maybe swap the old fuel rail back in which I don't want to do. Please any similar situations, or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  11. jhill

    Instagram Z cars

    Has anyone else noticed how many extremely clean z's there are on instagram from the middle east? I follow along bunch of pages from there and theyou have some of the cleanest original cars around!
  12. jhill

    L28 engine stand

    Thank you guys for your response! I'll respond when I'm home from work and give it another shot. If not I saw jegs sells a 4 wheel one for a reasonable price
  13. jhill

    L28 engine stand

    I am rebuilding my l28 from my 78 280z, and I seem to be lost on how to mount it to the engine stand I purchased. Yes, there is a good possibility I am clearly over looking something, but I can't seem to get it! Feel free to ridicule me, as long as you help me figure it out. I have done top end rebuilds before but never needed to put an engine on a stand to do the bottom end. Hopefully you don't look at this as foolish and pass it by! The stand is an autocraft from advance auto and is very similar to the 3 legged autozone and harbor freight ones if anyone has any direct experience. Thank you in advance!