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  1. Just started, to fit my R33 Rear subframe into the Z
  2. yes it would be a complete ground-up fabrication, with everything from the skyline R33 like subframe, shocks, arms, rods everything. I have all parts in stock, but I was hoping that someone had already done a project like this. This is what we get now.....
  3. Hi SleeperZ, yes i know, but this mostly is for the engine, is there anyone they makes a R33 chassis custom on his Z?
  4. Hi, We bought a nice and hard datsun 260 from calafornia. we have our Z full disassembled, and we would like to swap the chassis and engine. I have a full chassis from a skyline R33 GTS and a RB26DETT engine. I have also a RB25DET gearbox and rear Dif. But we have some problems with the fitment, has anyone done this before? And can somebody help me with some technical info, prefer pictures or photographs. Thank you, GreetZ Jos
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