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  1. Z + lexus suspension + STi rims = junkyard hero!
  2. Turbonetics is advertising 350 HP at 8 psi. Rumor is that it's more like 380. Dunno if that's at the wheels or crank. BTW, the turbo they're using, the 60-1 happens to be a perfect fit for the 4.2.
  3. Should be about 4" shorter, which could make all the difference in the world. Plus it already comes with the rear sump pan. An I5 just isn't as cool as an I6, though. I6s are perfectly balanced, sound great, and retain the spirit of the original car. I5s ... don't.
  4. My plan is to space the cross member down an inch or two. My custom oil pan will have very tight clearances to the cross member. I may need to relocate the oil filler. If I do all this, I think I can fit it under a stock hood.
  5. Are you looking at an aftermarket throwout bearing? I'd say save your money and get the one that fits your bell for about $70 ... cheaper on ebay.
  6. Kevin, I'm actually running this setup in my Mazda Pickup. It has a chevy 4.3 mated to a toyota R150. To use the chevy hydraulic throwout, simply bolt the solstice bearing retainer to the toyota trans. All bolts line up except for one! BTW, I don't know how much the hydraulic slave has to do with it, but I would kill to get the light clutch feel in my truck in my cars. Weird, huh?
  7. Kevin, are talking "flex plate" as in automatic flex plate? That makes my head hurt. The stock flywheel is about 20 lbs. I haven't bought the clutch or slave setup yet.
  8. Allright, flywheel math is sent. Need input on a ring gear, though. Anybody got a part # or price?
  9. Kevin, I'll have access to the CMM tomorrow, I'll get started then. It's setup for the stock 3.5/3.7 clutch. I'd recommend getting a 2009 H3 clutch as it is bigger than the others. Jerry said that it's also drilled for another clutch, but I didn't remember which, because I only care about the first part. I'm not sure what you'll need to do about the ring gear. I assume press on the stock gear or a 3.5/3.7 gear.
  10. Accurate, I got the last flywheel from Jerry on inliners. If you want, I can CMM it and send you some dimensions so you can make your own.
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