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  1. I just learned that they don't exist. They never had one. Crazy, right?
  2. I need to replace the drivers side stub axle on my car. It's the part that the wheel bolts to and rides on the rear wheel bearings. The center spacer is marked with a B. Also need the 32mm nut.
  3. Does anybody have one or know where to get one?
  4. That's what I figured. If it's from the factory and had 124,000 on it, I'm not too worried about using it. I'd just rather replace the head now if it's screaming "danger" to somebody.
  5. I'm in the process of tearing down my VG33 for a turbo project and as I was involving the drivers side cam I noticed the area of the head by the rear of the cam had a hole in it. It looks like something wore through but there's nothing back there and the cam, washer and bolt had absolutely no damage. I'm assuming this was an irregularity in the head casting. Any input?
  6. I ended up getting exactly what I needed through them. It ended up being a T4OE wheel. The company that upgraded my turbo bored my compressor housing out to fit the larger wheel. The only thing is I need to have the wheel machined a bit to make up for the difference in back spacing and the snout of the wheel is too long to get the nut to thread on the shaft. I have a great local machine shop though and they should be able to have my wheel ready for install in a day. Thanks for the advise. Ben
  7. I did see their page but they didn't have what I was looking for. Ill shoot them an email tonight. Thanks for the input. I would just get a new turbo but I dont want to have to re-fab any of my exhaust/IC piping. I just had a sweet 2.5 all mandrel custom exhaust made from the turbo back. I would hate to have to cut that baby up. And no, there is nobody around that does turbo rebuilds. Most of the big diesel shops just buy new turbos or center sections, so they weren't much help.
  8. So here's the situation. I had a catastrophic turbo failure due to an oil starvation issue. Live and learn. My shaft snapped back by the impeller wheel and the compressor wheel was slightly damaged in the process. All of my housings are fine and I rebuilt the center section and put all new bearings in it along with seals and the 270deg bearing on the compressor side back plate. Oh and I got a new oil line and the proper fittings. I sourced a new shaft and impeller wheel as well. My issue is this. I cant find a compressor wheel anywhere that is the same size as my old one. I had the turbo upgraded when I had it rebuilt about 5 years ago and the compressor wheel is much bigger than the stock T3. It is a .46 trim wheel. The over all diameter is 76 mm, which is the same size as a t4. The only issue that I'm having is the center hole is the small shaft size of the t3. I cant find a wheel with my dimensions with the small shaft size. Does anybody have any info on finding odd, mis matched turbo parts? I have checked everywhere on the web and I keep coming up with the same results.
  9. Its an ECU from a 1988 300ZX. My car is set up with the Cobra MAF, 440cc injectors and the old z31 ECU that I had in it was programmed for these mods. My concern was the the voltage properties of the Nissan MAF and Ford MAF are different from what I've read.
  10. I'm running a Jim Wolf reprogrammed Z31 ECU with my L series and I I had a nasty short in my original wiring and sent 12V to some places on the ECU that it didn't like. I have a new ECU coming to and I am going to swap my JWT EPROM into the new one. My question is this. Does anybody know any other modifications they make to the ECU besides burning a chip for it? The one place I had in mind was the AFM circuit since they converted it to a MAF. I guess I'm just wondering if they did anything magical to my ECU when I mailed it to them to be reprogrammed or if they just slapped a new EPROM into it.
  11. I'm a newcomer to this site but not to the world of Z cars. I have been working on my project car off and on for 3 years or so and I have hit a snag that I cant seem to figure out. For starters my car is a 74 260Z that I swapped a 83 L28ET into, (which was running tip top before the swap) I also upgraded my electronics with the JWT 450HP kit that envolved changing to 440cc injectors, installing a Cobra MAF and re wiring a few things. I have the car running but I cant get it to run correctly. I have checked almost everything I can think of as far as the electronics and wiring are concerned and its all right where it should be. The only thing I havent checked is my fuel pressure but the pump is brand new. I've been bouncing this off the guys at www.zcar.com and have had some really good leads but nothing that has solved the problem. I'm going to post my last zcar posts in this message and a video I made of the car running and the issues its having. Any information would be great. I'm at a loss. Here is my post from August when I first got it running. http://www.zcar.com/forums/read/1/1961010/1961592#msg-1961592 And here is the post from when I checked thr MAF and CTS. http://www.zcar.com/forums/read/1/1988289/1988289#msg-1988289 And here is the video if it didnt come up in that second post.
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