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  1. Thanks Mark. I already figured it was to big for my application, however I was trying to get info on it and then see if there was a way to get a smaller exhaust housing to where it would work for me. Just curious. I know some guys run that size on the RB motors but with a smaller exhaust housing/ smaller compressor. I'm just seeing what my options are for the future as I already have a T28 lined up for my KA.
  2. New to the forum and after 4 yrs owning a KA I'm still learning. Great read guys, sounds like you all know what you are talking about. I own a 240SX with the KA, I wanted to boost and to keep the stock motor instead of going SR. yes everything has its limits and what's great for the goose might kill the gander. Love the information you guys put out and it pushes me more to keep researching and keep researching. I have picked up most of the parts for my build and I'm not looking to push more than 500HP. The bottom end will have forged internals and the head will be ported, other than that kee
  3. Hi everyone, new to the forum and new to turbocharging, very new. I would like some help if someone can offer up in identifying a Grrett turbocharger for me. Here is the turbo info: Garrett Honeywell KTT2 M33 INTAKE: A/R .72 EXHAUST: A/R 1.22 GAG P/N: 710223-0001 S/N: KD 00143 K And my measurements: MEASUREMENTS: Intake Side: 90mm / 61mm Exhaust Side: 81mm / 68mm
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