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  1. will be installing the sportage weatherstrip today. cost me $25 bucks for both at pick in pull. wondering if the same will work for the hatch.
  2. sorry man, i just went to a 302 with the stock e7 heads. i gotta think they will. they're probably fair enough to allow you to return them if they dont.
  3. mr.meshie

    the stealth beast

  4. did some research and it looks like these should work: http://www.speedwaymotors.com/Small-Block-Ford-Tight-Fit-Headers,3822.html and they work with gt40p heads and rear sump oil pans, already asked. $250 for coated headers that fit! im there!
  5. i asked Jegs and they said the do NOT work on gt40p heads. Supposedly, sanderson makes a set of block hugger headers for gt40p's, but im not convinced they look quite right. anybody have any ideas
  6. I am planning a SBF conversion in my 73 S30. i have all the parts including a set of GT40P heads. In doing some research, i find most people complain about headers on these heads due to clearance from the spark plugs. Will the Patriot H8427 headers still work? anybody know?
  7. i got one off a 73 240. dont know if it's exactly the same.
  8. installed some seats and a fiberglass airdam this weekend. really wanted the xenon one, but i wasnt gonna pass up an airdam for $80. trying to keep up on the body work, but work has been keeping me real busy lately.
  9. hey man that's pretty clean. what are those mirrors from?
  10. that's pretty slick dude. i thought Brian's cradle was awesome, but way to improve. i like the extra bracing on the engine mounts. also, welding a piece of steel tubing does seem a bit easier than bending the brace for it. i mean, you have to weld a bunch anyway, so why not just make a cut and a few welds rather than breaking out the torch and bending the brace and bolting it on. this design, with Brian's write-up, us Ford guys are starting to get on the right track. i have to thank you both. so much more confident to do my swap now.
  11. pretty fair price, funds are a little tight for me right now though and i was really looking for "the deal" y'know? if nothing comes up, i'll definitely keep that in mind. thanks a lot
  12. finally got a Z again. all is right with the world. now if only the Giants would win the world series.

    1. mr.meshie


      what the hell, the Giants won the world series.

  13. really want to do a fuel injected/5 speed swap. funds are a little tight right now and it runs so good, im almost afraid to touch anything haha. looking for a 5 speed though if anyone has one. thanks
  14. anyone in the bay area of CA have a 5 speed that works that they wont charge an arm and a leg for a fellow Z enthusiast? 4 speed works great, i'd just like to get a little more MPG's. thanks guys
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