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  1. As the title says. Need this to complete my ECCS swap! Thanks. Options - VG30e(t) from either a Z-31 300zx or a maxima - (F31) Infinity M30 PM me
  2. This is helpful. Not looking for a 'how to', rather just want to hear about experiences. Given what you're saying about the age and degradation of the stock harnesses, I'll probably just buy a ton of connectors and make my own hybrid harness...then give up and buy a MS.
  3. Sooooo... I recently plugged a 83 280ZXT engine into my '76 280z. The turbo engine didn't come with a MAF or ECU so I got those from a Z31 (connectors and 6" wire attached). Here's the question: which wiring harness should I use? Should I buy a 280zxt harness? I've seen the guide to make these work with the Z31 ECU/MAF/CAS Or, should I use the existing 280z harness and wire it into the Z31 ECU? Other options?
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