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  1. This is the rack line I need I live in metro atlanta. I have my own Fed Ex account, shipping will not be a problem. Please email @ Freshzx@gmail.com if you have the line.
  2. Sorry to respone so late, Cali is a little far to ship a parts car. Thanks for the offer though!
  3. This is my second 280zx:biggrin:, it is my daily driver. I bought her in June of 08. I am currently looking for a turbo parts car for a swap so, if you know of a rust bucket let me know!!!
  4. It runs ok but, 183k on an auto tranny and a turbo is really high. I'm more or less trying to see what others have paid for their donor cars, to see if this is worth it. I know like only 20ish % of 280zx's were turbo so, it does make them rare. Paying what he is asking so I can spend tons of money to rebuild a motor and rebuild/upgrade the turbo would be hard for me to do. I don't think 1200 bucks for that car is worth it. Do you guys agree? I have been thinking making a firm offer of 700, do you guys think that is reasonable?
  5. http://atlanta.craigslist.org/cto/1015397036.html I talked him down to a little over 1k (don't think I can pay that much for this car). He said his GF had helped him out with it (not a good idea, women do not understand the ways of men). I told him I was looking to spend between 500-800 depending what it came with. If I could part out some parts and make up some moneiZ then, I would pay a lil more. He said had to talk to his GF about it. It does have mega squirt system, he said cost 500 bucks and the rims are in good cond. I know these rimZ would sell for a nice buck. The car is pretty rusty it all the normal areas (hole in spare tire area), I might be able to save a door, one fender and maybe the hood. The interoir is shot big time! I would just be buying it for the drivetrain (to rebuild), rimZ, mega squirt and some few misc. parts for turbo swap. My questions are: How much do you guyZ think I could get for the rims and mega squirt (does anyone want to name a price and clam them)? How much have you guys made parting out a car (I never have done this before)? How much would/have you guys pay for a donor car? Thanks for the help guys, -Alex
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