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  1. I actually just picked up a car. Not a Z, but a ZX - an '88 SS. Needs some love, but it should be a great car when done. And hey, no rust! So the little S30 (where ever it is) will have to wait |dg
  2. Nice score. Did you have someone local check the car out before you bought it?
  3. I looked at another car yesterday, several actually, and they were all rust buckets. My dreams of a great barn find are quickly dwindling! I've decided that the best thing for me to do is spend a bit more on the most rust-free car I can find. Interior and engine/mechanical will be secondary concerns. Re the pics above, I guess I was having trouble differentiating the degree of surface rust, like the hood and roof for example, since the car is red. But Edward put it in perspective...how much more eat up will those areas prone to rust be if the surface is showing rust. I just need more patience Dave
  4. Thanks all for the input. I'm good with mechanical and interior stuff, but body work/welding I'd certainly have to have someone else do. I'm looking at another car late this afternoon that's a bit more local. I think I'll put this one on the back burner for now. Dave
  5. I've been looking, off-and-on, for a restoration project for a while. The car below is located approximately 4 hours from me and appears to be straight. The rust, however, is somewhat of an unknown (beyond the pics) as the seller doesn't seem to know much about the extent of the damage. Asking price is $500. Based on this information and the pics below, is this something that might be worthy of an 7-8 hr round trip? Any tell-tell signs that you can see from the pics? Thanks! |dg
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