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  1. When i was looking up which hoses to use for LS1 to Champion radiators I couldn't find a definite answer so I figured I'd show how I did mine. Hopefully this can help a few people out. Both purchased from O'reilly's and they had them in stock. The hose end that attatches to the thermostat housing is stubborn so you will probably want to use soapy water to make it a little easier. Upper hose PN:22625 Lower hose PN:22478 Sorry for the out of order photos. Every time I uploaded them it would put them in whatever order it wanted.
  2. jlangv2

    240z fuel tank

    Been trying to find a definitive answer, I have a 71 240z fuel tank is it made from steel or aluminum? Looking to weld in a sump and want to make sure its steel. Thanks, John