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  1. Not willing to ship anything? I've been searching for that 3rd brake light for a while.
  2. The connection leading to - side of coil was unplugged meaning no signal to ecu and no injectors firing! Ive been banging my head on this thing for weeks :/ It's running now but I'm back to old problems. It's got hesitation in throttle and an occasional backfire from the intake around the afm. When I give it throttle it revs up then when revving down around 1500-2000 rpm the revs hang up for a second and it makes a sucking sound like a vacuum cleaner.
  3. I'll check connections again tomorrow, the module I replaced is the black matchbox on the side of the distributor yes. I connected a light to the injector plug while turning the engine over with everything connected and got no light at the injector connector meaning no pulse/power. However when I tested the pins in the 35 pin plug running to the ECU I got battery voltage at pins 2,3,5,6,7,8 which means power for the injectors is reaching the computer and not leaving it.
  4. Hello, I've recently been trying to get my 83 5 speed non turbo car on the road and am having problems getting it to start. The car ran fine then I took the ign module off, dropped and boiled the tank out and ran new lines and cleaned the throttle body and all connections/grounds/relay prongs. Then it ran but very very rough and would die with any throttle. I then received a new ignition module and after putting it in am having the problems I get now. So: Fuel lines etc are connected properly It's got new plugs Afm is good Throttle valve switch is good Coil is good Dizzy is good Spark is strong at plugs New ignition module because my old one caused the car to die when hot Fuel pump is good Gas tank, sender etc is good Fuel makes it to and through the rail easily Fuel pressure is good All grounds and connections are triple checked good I tried all the multimeter tests I could from the FSM in the EFEC section starting around 90ish. I tried hooking up a light to the injector plug and got no light. The injectors do not fire when car is turned over. Car runs fine with starting fluid Car has been sitting for 4-5 years I took apart the sheathing on the wiring harness and all wiring from ECU to injectors or anything else is solid and good. I'm simply getting nothing from injectors and I don't know why. I took the ECU out and opened it up, there were several (4-5) resistor type items (not resistors spherical in shape with a half white half purple colour) that had what looked like puffy corrosion on either side of the middle section. I cleaned them off and nothing changed. Could my ECU be the problem? I'm trying everything before I buy a new one because they're expensive.
  5. I'm looking for a E12 93 ignition control module, the one off my 82' NA car quit
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