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  1. Hi guys working on what I feel should be a perfect fitting 3 piece wing. this is a 1st generation part molded directly on our straight shop car its meant to bolted from the inside so you cant see bolts or screws anywhere.
  2. Hello everyone would like to share our new front bumper deletes for that smooth look!
  3. Hello everyone we are glad to show your our line replacement interior parts for the early z we currently are selling dashes and consoles for the 280z, we are making mold for the 240z version and will be available pretty soon, looking for interest on door panels so let us know!!
  4. remove your bumper with our new bumper deletes, bolt them on for a perfect fit. available in carbon or fiberglass.
  5. more parts coming for the early Z!! pm me here or email me at retrospec.carbon@gmail.com Thanks!!
  6. Hi to the OP, remember we have no question asked a money back guarantee if you want to use it. Thanks!
  7. Hey guys touching base on here, let me know if there are any question regarding our products. you can PM me here or email me at retrospect.carbon@gmail.com Primeral thanks for the confidence!
  8. its a regular spook on a clients car but you just gave me a great idea...
  9. Its 3-4 weeks at the moment, send me your order ill process it and you can pay when they are ready to leave, sounds good?
  10. Wow this couldn't be farther from the truth!!! we are doing very good actually, all of our Z parts are available. www.retro-spec.com find on facebook as retro-spec or paulo at retro-spec you can email us at retrospec.carbon@gmail.com or PM via the forum. we will gladly help you out!!
  11. retro-spec.com for the latest prices and details, what zx parts where you looking for? Thanks.
  12. retro-spec merged with c7 and we worked togheter for a while, companies had different agendas. we are back as an independent company making parts for older cars Paulo.
  13. 2+2 are totally different we might make molds of them in the future, good luck!
  14. hey guys just a bump in the right direction, retro-spec is back as an independent company offering the coolest zparts our website: www.retro-spec.com email: retrospec.carbon@gmail.com you can also PM us here.
  15. Website: http://www.retro-spec.com Email: retrospec.carbon@gmail.com
  16. Hello guys retro-spec is back and running after separating from C7carbon, we are back in the game we are putting togheter our catalog and we will offer the taillights both 280 and 240/260 if you need anyting let me know via pm or email us at retrospec.carbon@gmail.com Thanks, Paulo.
  17. its in our future plans, we do need a car handy since we make all of our stuff on the car to assure fitment, im on the look out for one right now, what parts did you have in mind?

    Thanks, Paulo.

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