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  1. Thanks! I always appreciate feedback, so I'd like to get back to you on those points: the touchscreen uses roughly 90% of the screen for its main function: searching up and down for radio stations. I'm no small person nor are my fingers, but pressing the right side of the screen always works out (you feel the right of left edge which gives a nice confirmation that you're at the correct side). Of course reaching the settings page requires more precision, but is meant for intentional use at max. About the price, unfortunately it is indeed higher than anticipated, but I'm not making a profi
  2. Pre-order yours on http://borsjewebdevelopment.nl/z now! I've learned the hard way not to announce development durations, but it has finally been done: the radio is ready for pre-ordering! We're still waiting for some subcomponents to arrive, so expect shipping to start within 2-4 weeks. Note the list with functionalities as there have been some minor changes.
  3. The layout has been finalized, the panel you see in the picture will be the one you receive. Although it looks pretty good the real life version is even more beautiful! I had to remove a big relay on the board which could supply power to an old-school automatic antenna. I have replaced it with a smaller switch, which can be used to provide +12V or GND to a modern automatic antenna. Furthermore, I will be providing an additional product (~€19,95) which can be used to change the 2 channel output into a 4 channel output! A pre-amp 3.5mm socket is available too, so don't worry if you r
  4. Thanks! Will do! If you're interested for more details, I'm currently working on the manual, which describes most features and gives a bit more insight in the control: http://borsjewebdevelopment.nl/z/manual_v0.1.pdf.
  5. The initial estimated time required to finish the final prototype was quite a bit longer than expected, as can be seen by the date difference of my last post in this topic . After overcoming every delay known to mankind I feel it's time to update you once again: the project has been under constant improvements and received some major updates to provide everything you'll need in a car radio. First of all, the front panel has been restyled: the aluminium is engraved after it's been powder coated black to indicate volume level, signal strength, FM frequency and LED status. Furthermore, the
  6. The USB port was added only to charge the phone, so you also need to plug in the 3.5 mm jack if you'd like to play music from your phone. It has 2 sound channels; right and left. 4 outputs are technically possible, but the amplifier can - in that case - only provide 4x7 W @ 4 Ohm (compared to 2x40 W @ 4 Ohm). (Pre-amp) RCA outputs are not added by default, but I can provide a very easy tutorial to manually solder them yourself. I can also add them for you. However, I will try to get this on the final version if it doesn't cause too many problems!
  7. Thanks! My final prototype has been ordered, and I had some spare time to make pictures of the interface in it's 'natural habitat' (tuned in ). I couldn't upload them to the gallery here, so you check them out on http://borsjewebdevelopment.nl/radio/. Or only in this post:
  8. I am looking for testers for a new custom made 260Z FM radio. I have included the "official" text below, but feel free to contact me in any way. The following page and the video below introduce this topic the best: http://borsjewebdevelopment.nl/radio. [sharedmedia=videos:videos:274]
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