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  1. Evandavis73

    Front calipers on the rear

    My thought was that with a spacer, I may be able to use a front rotor for the rear or one if the other options that people use (280zx or something). I can mill my own brackets, so that's not a big deal. The issue with the Wilwoods is that they don't have dust boots which poses a problem for racing in dirt. I'm looking at other caliper setups too. I'm mainly trying to peace something that will work for a while until I eventually get a better setup (eyeing the AP racing calipers from Essex). My rear drum setup is basically trash after sitting for 30 years and I don't really feel like rebuilding it. Regarding balance, I'm using a Tilton floor mounted pedal box and balance bar setup. The chassis and the r200 are really the only parts of this car that will still be Datsun.
  2. I'm looking at piecing together a brake setup and was wondering if anyone has tried it. I was thinking of going with the Toyota 4x4 calipers on the front and dual front calipers on the rear (one for the foot brake and one for the handbrake). Budget is really the only reason this came to mind. There are plenty of lighter 2 piston calipers out there, but how many can be had for under $50 each.
  3. Evandavis73

    Bolt-on struts?

    I've got my eye on those MCA's. Just emailed them, I'll let you guys know on the price.
  4. Evandavis73

    Historic Rally Car Restoration

    It's been a while since I've posted. I've got another 2 youtube videos up (refer to above links to find my channel). The car is now on the rotisserie, sandblasted, and I am seam welding and cleaning up old crappy fab work. I found a little cancer that needs to be cut out. Luckily it should be an easy one. So far I've got a magazine feature locked in for this car. I'm working on a few other places to have it featured. I also had a 3d render of the car done so I can start doing some marketing for this car.
  5. Evandavis73

    Historic Rally Car Restoration

    Episode 2 now up! I started. I got most of the crap out of the engine bay. At this point just the brake master cylinders and the remaining wire for the halda pick up still need to be removed. Front right suspension is off, I'll finish the left side tomorrow. I need to go clean and organize my storage unit for all the parts that need to go into hibernation. I also found some frame damage that I'm not sure what to do about. One part is right in the front above the factory tow hook and the other spot is just behind where the front crossmember mounts. The car must have taken a hard hit on the front left nose first off a jump or something seeing as it was never actually crashed. There is no documentation of it in the logbook, so my thought is that it either happened towards the end of the car's rally career, or Mike just never saw the full extent of the damage because of the oil cooler that was covering it. Link to episode 2: https://youtu.be/u0sSJoEpKFY
  6. Evandavis73

    Historic Rally Car Restoration

    Alright guys, time for some updates. I finally started stripping her down to get her on the rotisserie. I never thought I would have so much trouble removing headlights. Haha. It doesn't help when the bolts vary between standard and metric and are all rusted. I can already tell how much I'm going to love this project! And the sad thing is, my car is practically rust free compared to some of the other builds I've seen. I also started my youtube video series documenting the build of this car so please check it out and subscribe if you want to see more! https://youtu.be/jfTTPPS5N2Q I would also love to connect with you guys on instagram(@evandavis73) or facebook (Evan M Davis). I know I'm already in touch with a few other members.
  7. Evandavis73

    Historic Rally Car Restoration

    So apparently, when you use the phone's photo editor to rotate pictures, they still upload sideways.
  8. Evandavis73

    Historic Rally Car Restoration

    As requested, here are some of the more interesting pages from the log book.
  9. Evandavis73

    Historic Rally Car Restoration

    I didn't realize how long it had been since I posted. Plans are to pull the 302 from my friend's Bronco this weekend. I just picked up a T5 last weekend, so my main driveline components have been acquired. I've also found a local guy that will blast the chassis for a very good price. It looks like things are starting to finally come together. I also rearranged the shop.
  10. Evandavis73

    Historic Rally Car Restoration

    I'm fairly sure Brian runs Bilstein Motorsport struts which is what I want to have built for my car, but I would have to ask him. I've been trying to get in touch with him, but haven't had any luck. I'll just have to talk to him at the next rally I see him at. I ran my Subaru at Idaho and Mendocino in 2014, but it's currently torn down for improvements. While that has been going on, my interest has shifted to the Z, so I probably won't be back in the Subaru for a while.
  11. Evandavis73

    Historic Rally Car Restoration

    Is there anything in particular that you would like to see?
  12. Evandavis73

    Historic Rally Car Restoration

    Some small progress has been made. The Z is now in my shop, though I may be moving into a new shop soon. I'm trading my friend the 351w that I have for his 302, but I won't have it until we tear his Bronco down to get built. I've decided to keep the engine fuel injected and have picked up a TFS intake manifold for it since the stock truck manifold most certainly won't clear the hood. Along with the intake, I picked up a 75mm throttle body and some shorty headers. After looking at them in the engine bay, it looks like the shorties won't work for my side pipes. I will most likely have to build custom headers. I also made the decision to go with a manual trans instead of an auto for a few reasons: more power to the wheels, more simplicity, less expensive, no trans cooler. I am shooting for about 300whp, which would give the car a better power to weight ratio than a brand new m3 and just marginally less than that of a Challenger Hellcat (didn't expect that).
  13. Evandavis73

    Historic Rally Car Restoration

    Well, disappointingly, the only thing I've done since September is take all the random parts out of the back and put them into a tote. I have decided I am going to go with the 302 and not the 351w mainly due to weight and size. PS: would anyone be excited to have a brand new 15x8.5" Dick Cepek all terrain tire from the 80's? If so, it's up for grabs.
  14. Evandavis73

    Ford V8Z Fuel Economy

    Awesome! Keep 'em coming!
  15. Evandavis73

    Ford V8Z Fuel Economy

    Well said!