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  1. Simply awesome! What shop are you at in Austin?? I may want to stop by and see this piece of art, I mean car.
  2. WOW! Got mine last week and then had to head out of town. Got home, opened the box for the third time ... This is one quality piece for an awesome price! Very well done Austin. Thanks again! Fellas (and Gals), if you are planning this swap, get this part. Its high quality...
  3. Hey Blake, if possible I would love to get a PM. I dont mind driving to Houston to drop off the car, but I would love to see his work. Thanks!
  4. That's perfect! I know that area and I will swing over there this weekend and see if I can find it... just got the car stripped down and ready for blasting this weekend...so timing is perfect! Thanks!
  5. These flares were already on the car when I picked it up and the install was done well...thankfully. They will certainly be staying on the car. Since I will be going with a charcoal color, I think the flares will look great. From what I read they are still available according to a post in Sept 08. Here is the info: MAS (ph: 651-644-6811) and they still carry the bubble flares. They currently cost $69 for the front and $79 for the rear. Best of luck and stay tuned...more to come.
  6. I'll tell you it's a great feeling to have it torn down and KNOW exactly how what will be done and that it will be done right. I hope everyone keeps an eye on this thread through the next year. My bro and I built one car together already (http://www.mcraemotorcompany.com/92acura/gallery.html) and it came out awesome, then we sold it. We are taking this one to the next level by taking it to the bones. Then after this one is done ...a '72 Cheyenne Pickup, followed by the Vettes in the background Stay tuned...and don't worry if you have the desire...you'll be doing it to yours one day..
  7. My 2 cents, keep looking. I bought my Z for $750 with a blown engine and hardly any rust. There are some good deals to be had out there! I had the same intent as you when looking (deconstruct, strip, engine transplant etc), so it doesn't make sense (to me) to pay $2k for a car that you are planning to tear down anyway. As everyone stated, rust is the important issue so pics of those trouble spots would be a decision maker... and sheesh...that back end looks bad.
  8. Hey Austin, Let me know when these are here and PM me your PayPal info please... I will send payment ASAP.
  9. Hey Everyone, I've been working on my Z for about a month now (3 total days - weekend project) and finally have it to the bones. My brother and I have found hardly any rust. The only rust is passenger rear lower quarter and drivers side dogleg...everything else is in great shape (Battery Tray, Firewall, Framerails, Floorpans - Sweet!). Anyhow, I was so excited to see it finally stripped down, I thought I would share the fun pics. Enjoy!
  10. Hey Austin, let me know when they are ready and I will send you payment, definately count me in for one! ...also, a perfectionist never thinks his work is perfect; I suffer from the same pain man. With that in mind, you have done a stunning job on your build from start to finish. Very well done.
  11. Keep us posted on those mounts and transmission relocators. Making my job alot easier
  12. Hey Austin, I am in for one as well... been following your transplant religiously. You beat me to the punch as this was my plan since I purchased my Z a few years ago.. Perfection has got to be your middle name. Keep us posted! Brad
  13. Thanks sta! I will give him a call here soon. Removing all of the Z parts. Thanks again for the info!
  14. Hey fellas, Newbie to the site and starting my Z Project. I have looked all over the internet with no luck to find a media blaster in TX. If one is in Austin...all the better, but Houston,Dallas or San Antonio will be just fine. Does anyone know of a company offering this service in Texas? Muchos Gracias. BTW I will post pics of the Z soon. Brad
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