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  1. front Wilwoods have been replaced with Stoptechs. It feels better already. I'll find out for real at COTA next weekend. Working on a set of canards to try and balance front-to-back. Otherwise I think this thing is finally ready to go beat up on the track.
  2. btw- useful info for some. we've been chasing down a soft pedal feel with the brakes. They work but given the disc size (14") they should work a lot better. It turns out these wilwood calipers actually flex under braking so they apparently give up some of the critical braking pressure. That is super lame for what should be solid equipment from them. I'm now looking for another caliper that fits and is built better.
  3. The car is essentially finished (lol, really when is it ever really finished?) and ready to race this fall and spring. I still haven't anodized the wing mounts. I'll find some time in the winter to do it. It's been 11 years building this (slowly) so it's time to drive it. I do plan on doing some photography and video asap to get ahead of eventual track wear and tear.
  4. yes– It's a straight exhaust path without obstruction with the valves open. When closed the air is routed through the mufflers.
  5. I'm just finishing replacing the mufflers as well. The original ones were too heavy and didn't do much sound attenuation. These sound much quieter when the valve is shut. That whole area in the back (between the fuel cell and tail lights) will get insulated to keep wiring and the fuel cell cool. I did a drawing where the back panel of the car is a mesh steel instead of the carbon panel for cooling. The lights and license plate remain as is over the mesh. It might be really cool looking and definitely useful to vent hot air from the diff and exhaust. Right now we're hunting down an oddity about the brakes. The rotors are huge (14") but the car has never had enough bite. They should be a lot better given the hardware. So we're experimenting with pads and talking with WIlwood about the Master Cylinder size versus the calipers to make sure it's set up right. The wing is down and it's right now just polished aluminum. I'll drive it like that for a bit to decide whether or not to paint or anodize it black.
  6. small update. cutting down the wing mounting to a minimal form. I need to choose whether to leave it bare aluminum or paint it black. Any opinions?
  7. this forum has really slowed down but I thought I'd make a brief update since it's been a while. I've been driving the car, slowly tuning the setup. You can imagine that a completely custom chassis is going to have it's own pros and cons to discover and tune. Right now just finishing up installing a new set of springs and 2-way adjustable shocks. We are adding some rock shielding to the engine back- the open wheel wells are cool looking but invite all kinds of rocks into the engine bay. Also working on adding a wing to the rear for better aero.
  8. I'm still working on that question. I spent the last few weeks tamping down a long list of NHV issues- so many panels that were rattling. It meant I haven't driven it enough. But what driving I've done is encouraging. It's frighteningly fast, so much so that I need to put in traction control asap or all that power will be a waste. There's a funny oscillation effect that happens with this P/W ratio- if the car hits a bump, your foot can tip into the throttle a bit, given the throttle responsiveness, the car takes off, so you back off the throttle, and the car slows, causing your foot to tip into the throttle again. back and forth. crazy. I need to create more of a ramping to the throttle input since it's an electronic map. That will dampen the sensitivity at mid-throttle. I've experienced the same with a FF Cobra with a Coyote in it. Afa handling, the springs are too soft so those need to be replaced. Otherwise it feels balanced and controllable. I've yet to see how it handles a hard day at the track.
  9. yes. you got it right. adjustability. and behavior under compression.
  10. Art Morrisson CNC bent. Wouldn't do it again. They did a great job but we ended up cutting them anyway to improve footwell space. Would have been easier just to start with raw steel. But they did fit the Z06 front end for me according to specs- so some convenience. Ha! rear suspension. yes. crazy. I did it for fun. Totally not necessary. But cool.
  11. Thanks. Only after making the dash and center console I found a vendor that is making them. It would be far cheaper to go with them ( https://retro-spec.myshopify.com/collections/datsun-240z-260z-280z-s30) The wheels are 18x11. The design is custom one-off. Boze wheels fabricated them. I've done a preliminary shakedown. It is wicked fast. Scary. at ~2200lbs it's easy to get moving. Handling is good but springs will need replacing as it's too soft.
  12. slow to post but a few weeks ago I took the car to Nismo Fiesta and the car won Best of Show. Pics from the show below. Warning- they are fuzzy. The camera lens was messed up. It also turns out red is hard to photograph. hmmm. I had only just picked the car up from the paint show the day before so it was a rush to get it there. For the last few weeks I've been working on finishing up the interior and lots of small bits of refinement. A final set of pics will be coming soon. Then I hope to call the project finished and just enjoy the thing. It's been a ten year project. https://farm1.staticflickr.com/943/40239399110_240591301f_h.jpg
  13. The paint has been sanded, cleared, sanded and polished. It looks beautiful. Next week we will clear the carbon parts and put the car back together.
  14. It's Audi's Masano Red- the color they use on the 2008/9 RS4, among others. It's a brilliant 5-layer red that has white underneath it.
  15. The car is very nearly finished. After nearly 10 years of work it's finally painted. The red is beautiful and is striking when you see the contrast between the painted parts and the naked carbon underneath. I plan to show the car for the first time at Nismo Fiesta in San Antonio in Mid April.
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