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  1. I completely disassembled my turbo dizzy to clean and paint it. However, now I am not 100% sure how to put everything back together correctly. :-D
    After putting it together there is quite a bit of play in the input shaft so the trigger disc can touch the sensor.

    FSM didn't help

    Thank you!

  2. just pulled my trans, 5speed out of a '83 ZX N/A


    trans is in great shape, works flawlessly, shifts smoothly comes with short throw shifter. 

    without speedo cable, throw out bearing and shift fork. (need that for the other trans)


    $450,-  (local pickup in Costa Mesa)


  3. I tried the search, but it wouldn't let me search <4 characters.


    I read mixed reviews on the XTD clutches, but none ran it on the Z. 

    Anyone running the Stage 4? Would love to hear your opinion, as the EXEDY stage 2 is 4-5x as much.


    engine: built L28et, ~350-400hp


    This is the clutch I am talking about:






    Thank you! 


  4. Thank you! I got a 50mm wastegate and will add the piping directly to the manifold.


    As for the pistons, I will wait and see how the current pistons look like. I am still not sure if forged or just dished.

    I will go for a safe tune, monitoring as many things as possible.  :)


    Thank you again for all the info -- helped me a ton!

  5. You are absolutely right, just re-did the math with the SX252e and I'd need 13.8psi to get to 350 on the crank @6500 -- see map attached.

    Do you think a WG spacer will do in this case? 


    I am still unsure if I should:

    • run the flattops with a stock gasket
    • flattops with a thicker (1 or 2mm) gasket
    • get dished pistons
    • go forged


  6. Thanks @seattlejester!!! 


    After checking these out I have to admit I really like the S252SX !! I thought of getting the GT28 before but after all the research I think it might be a tiny bit too small.


    I will be running a wastegate (T3-T3 spacer with WG outlet) to get the boost under control.



    Thank you! 

  7. Thanks for the input guys!

    I wanted a quick spooling turbo but you are right, after going through all the maps 3k sounds pretty 'right' to me.


    I thought of either getting forged pistons or getting a 2mm metal gasket which would give me a CR of 7.86:1with the flattops.

    91 fuel, Megasquirt 3Pro (at least that's the plan)


    This is the turbo I thought of getting:


  8. A few things still needed for my turbo build:


    • T3/T4e turbo (T04E 50 trim, .63 housing)
    • Wastegate
    • Intercooler
    • Fuel pump
    • MS3Pro (highly doubt someone sells one used but you never know.. :)  )
    • Fuel pressure regulator
    • 240SX throttle body

    Let me know what you have!



  9. Thanks guys the links helped a lot!!


    So after doing some math, I got to around 37.95 lb/min for 345hp (should get me in the 300whp ballpark) which then translates to around 18.4psi of boost (calculated with 5.6k RPM) and a pressure ratio of 2.55.


    After translating that to the compressor maps I saw that the 60-1 is definitely too big for my needs/wants.


    So my favorite right now: T04E50 Trim, what do you guys think? Also, does anyone know where to get ALL Turbonetics maps for their current lineup? I only found 7 on their website.



  10. I am currently converting my Z from carbs to turbo. 

    F54, P90 head, flattop pistons, 60mm 240sx tb, 440cc injectors, intercooler, upgraded pump and lines


    I want between 300-350hp to the wheels and want the turbo to spool between 2.000-2.500 but also have some top-end power.


    I currently have my eye on these Turbonetics options:


    T3 w./ 60-1 HiFi, st. bearing, oil cooled, F1-57, and .64 A/R (maybe .48?)




    T3 w./ T04E Super 60, st. bearing, oil cooled, F1-54 and .64A/R 


    What do you guys think would be my ideal choice? 

    Thank you!!!

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