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  1. Herb

    Do you still have that p79 head?

  2. Done with my build, still got some parts left: Megasquirt Relay board with relay harness $50,- ITM turbo piston kit (.20 over, never used, comes with rings, went forged) $150,- 280zx 5 speed ('83, was standing in the shop for the last few months so it needs to be cleaned, runs nicely, comes with motor mounts, short throw shifter and stock clutch no speedo cable) $400,- 280z turn signal lenses, no cracks! $20,- P79 head, stock cam, MSA headers, Magnaflow exhaust (2.5"), $100,- takes it all Stock coil with bracket $1? Fuel volt gauge (unknown condition, probably works) $1? fuel light (might be useful to someone?) $1? lol Bosch O2 sensor (new) $15 T3 bolt on camber plates $50,- Eastwood Paint gun (1.2 needle, with Dura block kit and bunch of soft sanders) $50,-
  3. I still have: P79 head w./ head bolts MSA 6-1 headers Complete exhaust (2.5") with Magnaflow muffler (hat to cut the muffler off so I could test fit the new piping, should weld up easily) Clutch I really have to get rid of the stuff in the next few days, 200$ for everything.
  4. cosmo

    '83 ZX 5 speed transmission

    trans is still available, didn't need the shift fork nor throwout bearing so it comes with both, no speedo cable though. must go!
  5. cosmo

    WTB pantera hatch

    Looking for a pantera style hatch for my 280z. Thanks!
  6. upgraded my clutch, here goes my old one (225mm). $40,- Everything else sold, except the P79 and the 6-1 headers for it. cleaned the head, new pictures:
  7. updated prices. make me an offer, need the stuff gone.
  8. cosmo

    MSA 6-1 Header P79

    $100,- must go
  9. cosmo

    Turbo distributor assembly

    Yes I am pretty sure I am missing shims. Do you have a picture for reference? Thank you!
  10. I completely disassembled my turbo dizzy to clean and paint it. However, now I am not 100% sure how to put everything back together correctly. After putting it together there is quite a bit of play in the input shaft so the trigger disc can touch the sensor. FSM didn't help Thank you!
  11. just pulled my trans, 5speed out of a '83 ZX N/A trans is in great shape, works flawlessly, shifts smoothly comes with short throw shifter. without speedo cable, throw out bearing and shift fork. (need that for the other trans) $450,- (local pickup in Costa Mesa)
  12. open to offers!! stuff must go!
  13. cosmo

    Borg Warner T5

    Afraid my 5speed won't hold up to the turbo upgrade. Due to shipping costs, preferably one in the LA area. Thank you!
  14. P79 head, from a '83 ZX, ran great when pulled (last week) $150,- SU roundtop carbs, previous owner said they were rebuilt just before I got them. ran max 1k miles on them. K&N Filter is a few months old, painted black, can be removed with acetone., come with heatshield and intake. SOLD 79-80 distributor with E12-80 electronic ignition module, $50,- Headbolts, great condition, $20,- Proportioning valve, $10,- Transistor E12-09, $20,- Hoke trigger wheel with series 1 crank pulley SOLD MSD Blaster 2 Coil, $20,-
  15. cosmo

    XTD Clutch opinions

    I tried the search, but it wouldn't let me search <4 characters. I read mixed reviews on the XTD clutches, but none ran it on the Z. Anyone running the Stage 4? Would love to hear your opinion, as the EXEDY stage 2 is 4-5x as much. engine: built L28et, ~350-400hp This is the clutch I am talking about: http://www.ebay.com/itm/201808445862?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT vs https://www.stillen.com/performance/transmission-parts/exedy-nissan-200sx-240sx-280z-280zx-620-720-810-maxima-stage-2-cerametallic-clutch-kit-06953a/vehicle/1975-nissan-280z.html Thank you!