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  1. oh cool, i have heard of people using z32 parts, dose that involve the diff and axle shafts as well? and what about the best to do? not concerning prices, who has the best kit and so on? would that be techo toy tuning?
  2. never mind about the power steering, i hadn't looked at anything the slightest about it and hadn't messed with it before. it is one of the very few things i had not done any research on, been using priorities like looking into what it takes to get it running in the car first, and that stuff second. i posted this to get other peoples opinions and learn more about the swap. i appreciate all of the polite people and their words and would love to talk more. but if you are going to post negatively focused posts doubting the experience and knowledge i have personally then i simply will not reply. i am still going do this AWD swap, i am not giving up even if everyone tells me not to do it, which isnt the case already, people are supportive. . shooting to have it in the car and running as RWD by next summer, then when i get most of the bad kinks worked out of it, then, i will do this drivetrain swap. if anyone would like to talk more ad offer their knowledge and experience then message me personally and we can talk more. love talking with other car guys and learning more! thank everyone again. look forward to talking.
  3. Hey all was wondering what to do, what to buy and which way to go, I want to convert my z to a 5 lug, and have nice disc brakes all the way around, I would like ebc or something like that, who uses what, what all works, what's cheap, And whats the best? I couldn't find anything as a general info like I'm looking for on this site so let's make one! Would appreciate all the help!
  4. Well I definatley appreciate all of the positive words along with the ho.est ones just as much, I do have quite a bit experience with cars, more then most people my age. I have multiple friends that are willing to help me with this project, for example one of my biggest supporters him and his dad have a fully fabricated a 87 jeep j10 pick up with 14 inches of suspension travel with custom built coilovers from a componay and they have a fully built 350 Chevy twin turboed that will be at 850 horse to the wheels with inconol valves and forged piston and rods and crank. So I definatly habe supporters and helpers, that are all willing to put in hours and brain work. I do fully understand the part of not experiencing alot of normal swaps first but I am also looking for that kind of a challenge to say back to the bay Sayers! Again I appreciate so much all of the words said by everyone! I have been doing research for countless hours for about a year now and finally have my car and want to get going! But I will continue to keep a open mind about it and make sure this project never dies! Hard work and driving hard and fast is in my blood, everyone in my family drives, so I'm excited to make my older generations of my family proud! I am more then willing to talk to and get a hold of any e that is interested in this build and would.like to contribute knowledge wise, again appreciate all the responds!
  5. I'm Trevor, I'm 19 and I'm trying to build my datsun to be unique and to be built correctly and treat it with the love I have for it. I don't ever hear of any actual AWD s30s and want to make one. I'm ready to do what ever is necessary to get this car done and to enjoy it. Not the typical teenager looking to mod his car. I wanted to create this so I could get some help from others knowledge and Mabey habe a few other people learn as well. I have numerous questions I would love to have answered. I am planning to put both front and rear subframes from a r33 onto my car, but was also curious just how my h fabrication exactly there is to do, has anyone done it? And if so I would love to talk with you and learn! Also about power steering how to get that wo work weather I have to put a steering Colin or shaft from a r33 as well, it just what. And I know I will come up with more as I progress in this build! Would.love the help and support!
  6. Hi, I'm new to this site, but I have just picked up at 76 280z 2+2 and have a build in its near future, I have almost everything figured out what I want on the car, except for some coils. I don't know much about suspension so some insight would be awsome! I would like to run coilovers but am completely open to new ideas. I'm looking for something that I can tune to prefrence, between street abuse and preformance. Building for absolute handling, so any help and ideas wod be very much appreciated!
  7. http://m.summitracing.com/parts/sum-csummst49901 That is what I was kind of thinking, and ya I am expecting to spend plenty
  8. Have found the engine, don't actually have it. Sorry about that.
  9. I'm new to this site, so I honestly don't know if I'm doing this right. Lol but anywho I'm planning on buying a 280z here in the near future, and I have big plans for it, I have for a 499 big block Mopar that i would absolutely love to have in it, although, not to sure if it would fit. I have a lot of friends to help and virtually anything I'll need. I already plan on taking a long time on this build, but I would like it done so I can enjoy it! I'm sure just like anyone else on here. So would it work? I have done a lot of Reaser so far and haven't come up with much, I plan on having problems with the headers, but outside of that will it even fit? ANY help would be apreciated!!!
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