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  1. I'm always happy to see a project start, as we all know things can get out of hand right quick with a build with funds. Save money right now and cancel the coil overs....ur gonna need the money elsewhere. There are a lot of other chassis you can throw in a LS1 in that will give you less grief than a S30, I would consider a L28et Turbo option instead in a S30. Research these forums very closely they are a amazing wealth of info, and members will help if you do due diligence. Good Luck!
  2. I was on slight hill, my right foot going from brake to throttle. Didn't know the wife was recording while she was walking to the car.
  3. Just a quick update all... I advanced the timing chain to position #3 and did numerous valve lash checks. The car really comes to life after 3500rpm, the idle is quite lumpy, I love the sound but the wife doesn't so much.lol. Thanks all for your help!
  4. Hi all, finished installing the rebuilt head, all went fairly smooth with no major issues. Did a cold valve adjustment, twice and rotated the crank numerous times to ensure no interference issues. The shop had applied copious moly assembly grease to the rockers and I added a zinc additive to the oil as per the cam shop. The resurfaced rockers were lining up nicely with the cam lobes also. The car fired up with no issues, some quick timing adjustments were done. I should note the the throttle body was carbed up bad, and I cleaned it out when everything was apart at the time, so some idle air is
  5. 1-TDC with old head 2- stayed with the N47 intake as opposed to the N42 just to keep it "factory". 3-rebuilt head 4-unmolested old head, aka reliable. 5-Felpro kit
  6. My bad NewZed with the poorly worded questions. The rebuilt head has been shaved to the point where the fire ring on the new gasket sits outside the combustion circumference on the head. I know this will happen with a shaved head, it just seems a little excessive. Thanks for the oiling bar answer, there was a couple of homemade gaskets used before on the bar so I wasn't sure if they were necessary . Here is a list of the head work done. New valve guides Replaced all exhaust valves 3 angle grind with lapping New lash pads Rockers refaced Head shaved 0.004 Cam regrind. Misplace
  7. Got the head back from the shop. with the regrind cam installed, they shaved .004 off, so no shims, so when I was comparing the old gasket with the rebuilt head, the old gasket would have blocked coolant passages, but never has a issue with the old head/gasket set up. But I overlay the new gasket in the rebuilt head and this head (all passages line up) but I'm guessing the head has been shaved before these guys got their hands on it. The rebuilt head is a N47 head with a oiling bar, it has exhaust liners, but has a block off plate for a carbed fuel pump. The combustion chamber is smaller due t
  8. Should be getting the completed head next week, will update.
  9. NewZed I have the Ebook version so I've done searches and "cam tower" does appear many times as one would imagine. I'll check the torque specs in the manual. So I'll keep digging for the info. Seattlejester, I will check the markers as well to ensure they were installed properly.
  10. Thanks for the reply NewZed. Lash pads are from the ZStore out of Cali, and the rockers are being resurfaced. I found some ITM rockers online, but couldn't find much info on them so I thought I'll try the regrind. The head is off a car that hasn't been started for over 25 years and sat after being ditched 4-5 years before that. The previous owner could not get it running, but I got it running last Spring so there is very little to no wear on the rockers according to the shop. I'm heading down to the shop this Tuesday, I'll get as much info as I can and post. Also the machine shop has done
  11. I sent my N47 of to a local machine shop for a cam regrind (out sourced), valve seals and cut/seats, new lash, rockers, lash pads etc. Told the guy not to removed the cam retainer caps...well I guess the caps were removed. Every manual, forum I have read states DO NOT REMOVE CAPS. They are still working on the head at this point and it has yet to be installed. From what I understand there can be alignment issues with the bearings, thus big time failure. This work is being done on my donor head, and I have my perfectly working stock head still on the car. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Our apprentice at the shop rescued a brand new Stebro muffler from the metal scrap pile when our parts department was doing some spring cleaning. So after cutting, grinding and welding I installed it on my 78 280 stock engine with 2" exhaust. the vid is after 1 hour of driving. There is no drone, and is weirdly quiet when driving under full throttle from the interior. So I made a vid of it revving, and was surprised at the exhaust note which was a nice deep exterior sound. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7C3P_OABnx4
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