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  1. The engine was partially disassembled when i bought the car so i dont know where that is .
  2. I cant figure out where the distributor vacuum should go on my 810 the fsm doesnt provide a good picture. Right now its connected in position 3 in the picture. im asking beacuse my top detecting switch is broken so i need to by pass it.
  3. Update ! the past two months progress has been good . The new engine is in the car and running some fine tuning and adjustments to the timing has to be done. My biggest problems now is that the fuel gauge and temp gauge dont work anymore . From what could understand in the FSM these two gauges run of the same earth ,but i can seem to find it. The second issue is that my battery light is on even though the alternator is charging and the battery is fully charged. , but other than that in all its good. bought a C31 laurel L24 engine to use the block with my 810 cylinder head. The engine was stripped down to the block and then the block and oil pan were painted. i sanded down and polished the valve cover and the cylinder head has been refurbished. The valve cover is just loose on top to protect the camshaft and such , as the chain was not installed at this point. Still needs a few bits . Like the elbow for the oil filter etc. This is the car right before a quick hose down. In the workshop , hood removed for easy access during swap. Changed the shifter boot as it just arrived in the mail. And she lives ! [/url] As you can see the car needs a good clean up and detail , outside and inside.
  4. Hi im putting a new head on an l24 and when the block is at tdc how do i know how much to turn the camshaft before installing the head an chain? So i dont smack the valves when aligning.
  5. Here are some data from the 810 workshop manual It says 8.6.1 for the 810 and my pistons are stock. And the dished pistons in the engine im going to put the 810 mn47 head on are also stock. Btw Ive confirmed that the block from the c31 has L24xxxxxx on it
  6. Sounds good!, but i found a better picture of the piston thats in my oroginal 810 block and i just cant wrsp my head around how a slight dish can give higher compression than the small valve reliefs , might the 810 pistons be slightly lower? Anyway thanks for helping out
  7. From what i can find the laurel L24 engine has 8.5.1 compression and the 810 has 8.6.1 the head on the laurel engine has E88 stamped on it. The dish is very slight , but to me it looked like the "dents" in the 810 pistions were even smaller . Thats why i feared the compression might become even lower . Im pretty sure it says L24xxxxx , but im gonna confirm it in the weekend.
  8. Im going to doublecheck when i get back to the garage near the weekend, but i think the displacement is 2393 and as for the pistons all i can say is that they have 27L stamped on them
  9. Hi i have an 810 wagon with a broken block( badly corroded cyl.wall on no.3) . I have gotten hold of an L24 from a 81 Laurel(euro) and the block says W24 and the head says e88 this is a stock engine . The pistons are dished on this engine and on my 810 they have two indents in them. Would this be a problem compression wise? This is the laurel block . Note: have not cleaned the surface for the new gastet yet so its dirty. And this is the 810 .
  10. Yep eldery couple(freinds of my family) who needed the garage space it occupied and just wanted to get rid of it . They bought it new in the US in 1978 and brought it with them when they moved to norway the same year (she is from the US , he is norwegian)Its dusty from the garage years , but almost rust free only some minor surface rust here and there. Just need to figure out the engine and im good! Thing is boring and honing isnt cheap here in norway.. Checked around and the cheapest was 600 usd and thats without pistons and rings ,thats why im scouring ebay to se if any L series engines come up . Im thinking the easiest way is to swap for a carbed engine provided i can use the ignition and fuel pump( maybe change the fuel press. regulator ?) from the l24e thats in the car .
  11. Hi i got a 1978 datsun 810 wagon 4-speed for free the other day and it has a cylinder with very bad pitting (it will need to be bored to fix it). So im thinking of trying to find a carburetted l24,l26 or l28 to swap in and so i thounght this would be the place to document the progress and ask for help along the way! and ive hear that d the oil pickup is different in the l28 so that i have to relocate it and us the l24s pan to make it fit in the bay of the 810, is this correct. some pictures of the car Oh and im from norway so my grammar might be a bit wonky
  12. Hi! I got a datsun 810 wagon for free with a broken engine (severe pitting i cyl no.3 needs bore to fix) so i was thinking i might just swap in a carbed engine from a z car . Im guessing it would fit? boring and and new pistons etc will easily set me back $1000+ usd here in norway so i was hoping i might be better off just swapping . Coulnd find any complete engines on ebay at the moment so i thought i might ask here if anyone knew of engnies for sale or a place that sell them and are willing to ship it to norway. pics of the car.
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