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  1. I swapped in another ammeter yesterday and it fixed my problem! Now it's time to research the fuel pump circuit.
  2. What a coincidence, I'm staring at a ~76/77 280z volt meter right now comparing it to the 240z's gauge. Time for a little research. I'm fixing this Z with plans to drive it for a while and sell it, so I might as well make sure everything works right. I need the money for my 302 project. We bought a 92 YJ Wrangler with a Chevy 4.3 V6 and a Muncie SM465 that's nearly perfect minus none of the gauges working right; I figure if it irks me this much, it's going to be worse for someone that buys it and has to deal with the mess that I knew how to fix but didn't haha. Wiring is love/hate relationship
  3. Alrighty, that narrowed everything down significantly. I may have been complicating this problem a little too much it seems haha. I figured the white wire powered the car when I first saw it coming off the positive terminal on the starter solenoid, I just needed clarification on how. I suspect the actual gauge is my issue. I have 12V on the white wire at every point I can get to, including at the ammeter, but I get a no reading whatsoever at the negative terminal of the ammeter where the W/R wire attaches. I'll bypass the ammeter tomorrow and see if it solves my problem. I've got a few spare g
  4. I picked up a 1972 240z a couple days ago and have had a bad time working with the wiring. The harness that plugs into the dash wiring, then goes to the back of the car for all the lights, was 90% chewed through by field mice. My friends and I have about 20 hours into cleaning up the wiring so far. We tried replacing the ignition switch, the voltage regulator, the fuse box and the accessory relay to try to get electricity into the dash with no avail, so we started cleaning. Plugs and terminals of any sort under the dash that we could reach were sanded, given a little dielectric grease and reco
  5. Yeah, I still have it. I kept everything I didn't use for just this situation haha.
  6. I feel like a total idiot... When I rebuilt it, I didn't put the little umbrella thing back inside the accelerator pump diaphragm. I didn't see it in the rebuild instructions so I didn't put it in, but I definitely remember taking one out. It only sat a month, that's why I was confused. I must have only imagined it working before.
  7. Mini update. Got a full dash cap and headlight covers. Got the new water pump and thermostat on. Carburetor still has some problems. I've pulled the carburetor off and apart multiple times and I still can't find out what's wrong with it. The gas still isn't coming out of the primary bowl. I've checked the jets, the accelerator pump, the accelerator pump discharge nozzle, and all of the passages inside the metering block and body, but nothing has fixed the problem. No gas comes out of the discharge nozzle when the pedal is pumped. I have no idea how it goes from not working, to work
  8. I used a hose cutter, it worked fine. I think the line broke when I bent the line a little to get it in a position where I could cut it. The line was sitting barely a half an inch away from the intake so I couldn't get the cutter around it. I think it is broken closer to the fuel pump rather than close to where I cut.
  9. I used a hose cutter, it worked fine. I think the line broke when I bent the line a little to get it in a position where I could cut it. The line was sitting barely a half an inch away from the intake so I couldn't get the cutter around it. I think it is broken closer to the fuel pump rather than close to where I cut.
  10. Update time again! I took the primary bowl and metering plate off the carb, cleaned them again, blew out all of the passages in them, made sure the accelerator pump worked, but when I put it all back together, there still wasn't any fuel getting through the carb. I took the accelerator pump discharge nozzle off and it seemed to have a little bit of gunk clogging up the openings. I cleaned it out and it works like a charm now. Earlier today I got the car running very well, but I look at the engine bay and it was spraying out a bunch of fuel from the line between the two bowls. It turned out tha
  11. Worked on the car more earlier. I got screw down hose clamps instead of the stupid squeeze type that came with the fuel filter, that fixed my fuel leak problem. We got the car running for a while earlier, but it had a 3000 rpm idle when my foot was on the brake and a 3500 idle when my foot was off of the brake. It turned out to be that the throttle cable was too tight and was holding itself open.When we had it running, the engine started smoking everywhere like I had an oil leak or a bad gasket somewhere. I don't think I have an oil leak because there in't any oil on the ground under the car.
  12. The engine is a 1985 Mustang HO 302. Transmission is a 5 speed, presumably stock. R200 differential. The previous owner said it has a hydraulic clutch out of a 1982 Toyota truck. I haven't found the VIN on the block yet, but the stamps on the intake, heads, and stock carb say E5, which I believe is '85. I don't know if there is a VIN on the tranny to see if it is stock, but I'll look for one. If anyone knows exactly where the engine VIN is, please speak up. I've read that it is either above the starter or on the back of the block below the heads. If you have any more questions, fe
  13. Earlier, we put in new gas, put the fuel lines back together (connected the lines to the new fuel filter), and tried to start it up. We got it running for a few seconds again, but it wasn't very smooth. It only ran for a few seconds by itself until it died. Then, we pulled the stock 600 cfm (I think that's right) Holley 4 barrel and put the rebuilt 600 cfm Holley 4 barrel, from the '71 build, in its place. We had to cut the hard line so we could use the newer carb. The stock Ford Holley's fuel comes in straight from a hard line, where the other goes from a hard line to a hose to the carb. We o
  14. My dad and I have had our eyes on this car for over a year now. We stumbled on the car a while back in Farwell, TX out on the edge of town. Around 9-10 months ago, we finally got the chance to talk to a relative of the owner of the car. We had gone to buy a 260z from a junkyard (which also turned out to be his, but the junkyard crushed it for no reason. It had only gone in to get worked on, but paperwork was lost.), but when we got there with the trailer and all, the people running the junkyard decided not to sell it to us right then. When we left the junkyard, I remembered this Z about a bloc
  15. I'm talking about both I think. I'm not really sure. I'm not sure what exactly #6 is pointing to but I think it is pointing to the little thing on the end of #7 but I could be wrong. I need to take the differential out along with the shafts so I can get the suspension into two smaller assemblies that will fit better in the garage. I can't get the rear suspension into the garage yet because there isn't enough room between the cars to drag it up. When I refer to the Suburban being old, I meant it is a car my parents don't drive much anymore. Hell, the Suburban is as old as me. My d
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