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  1. I am 6'2" and looking for some reclining seats that are harness capable, I found a pair of Corbeau CR1 seats for a really really good price (50% off in box) on craigslist and was wondering how the fit is for taller people, the stock seats give me about 2-3 inches of headroom so I am looking for something that will sit at about the same height. I am assuming a lot of the Corbeau seats sit at similar* height, so if anyone has any of them installed in their 1969-1978 Z with the brackets I would appreciate any comments with spacing and whatnot. I am on a time crunch to get the car ready for a cross country trip in a week so even approximate knowledge (labeled appropriately) is extremely helpful. I will be using Corbeau's 280z seat brackets that they sell online. Thanks for any help. I found a single post about them saying that they were slightly higher but it was very old and unfortunately didn't have any more info other than "I am 6'1" and I fit but they would be perfect for someone who is 5'9"", nothing about the clearance or anything. I won't be wearing a helmet before lowering the seats more through custom brackets etc... so that isn't an issue.