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  1. Looking to purchase an abs plastic dash cover (cap) for a 240z. will consider 260 or 280z covers. Needed for modification. don't want to buy a new one just to cut it up. PM me with the details thanks!
  2. hi i am new to the forum i am in the middle of working on my project car that has no dash. need something lightweight My thinking is to buy a full face dash cover and support and brace the inside with abs pipe and glue it to the cover from the inside. i have made lightweight parts with fiberglass cloth and no mat only using 2 or 3 layers as opposed to 5-7 like recommended. what i do is i cut 1" abs pipe in half and glass it in the they part from the backside where the additional strength is needed. i have made parts that are ultra light weight and very strong. So if i buy a full fa
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