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  1. Is the 5.3 still living man? I know this thread is a few years old lol
  2. Hey man can i message you or get your number on how to specifically bypass the stock theft system? My plan is to keep all stock gauges if possible, anything special you had to do on getting them to work? Like speedo and tach, 5.3/4l80e is what im doing.. Thank you in advance!
  3. No i don't have digital dash has the needle gauge type, but i will definitely give them all a call if they can help me out, i just wanted to find out if this is something simple i can do myself to try to save some bucks lol. Thanks phantom!
  4. Was it difficult to get your original gauges to work or something specific you had to buy? I'm in the process of ls swapping as well and want to use all my original gauges, what exactly did you do to make them work if you don't mind me asking?
  5. I was wondering if anyone ls swapped they're z31 and are using stock tach and speedo, I'm trying to keep all my original gauges after the swap, I've heard of Dakota digital but I'm clueless about it, will it take care of all the gauges? 5.3/4l80e... Thanks guys
  6. Really? Let me see if i can find the thread
  7. Sweet build bro!! I just ordered my dirty dingo ls swap mounts and in the process of pulling the vg30e/5 speed out of my 86 z31 ! Is it cool if i message you if i get stuck on anything during my swap?
  8. Hi guys, I'm new to the hybridz forum and just got my 86 300zx last night and in the process of pulling out the VG30E/5 speed and just ordered my dirty dingo lsx swap mounts. I will be going with a 5.3/4L80E, for those who have done this swap, what was the hardest part of it all? Wiring? Lol any tips are appreciated since this will be my first ls swap! I don't mean to sound ignorant either but just looking for as much information as i can get for anything i may come across of. Thanks in advance everyone
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