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  1. That's awesome, how long has it taken you?
  2. Thanks for that, great reply. I already planned on doing everything myself, I don't see me having any issues with that. As far as time, that's my biggest obstacle, I'm gone 4 - 6 weeks, then home for a week maybe a little longer, normally if I'm doing something in my off time I do as much of it as I can while the kiddos are in school as for cost, ehh, kids aren't that bad lol. I make a very comfortable income. I really enjoyed reading your reply, thanks for the input.
  3. I'll say it definitely seems to be a little different over here than the "American" side of the house. I'm enjoying my learning spree though, I'd forgotten what it was like to be constantly researching things, having to re learn thing, ahhh, fun times, fun times. I have another question though, with American autos, TH350, TH400, Powerglide, C4 etc they have all kinds of different things, sprags, servos, bands, clutch packs, forward/reverse pattern manual valve bodies etc that can be upgraded, built, changed, etc is all that offered/ available for these autos as well? Everything I read everyone is buying manuals no one ever mentions building autos I was wondering if there was a reason?
  4. Alright, thanks. Yes, I do believe if I get a z31/z32 ( I believe those are the correct designations) with the VG30, either n/a or TT, I think after doing the brakes, suspension etc, then just pulling the engine for a rebuild would suffice for what I'm wanting right now.
  5. Re reading what I asked and how I phrased "realistic cost" what I meant was, obviously some swap ideas are ridiculous and are pretty UN "realistic" money wise for the "average Joe", through the research I've been doing and continue to do trying to catch up on things it seems the VK56 is a rather expensive and labor intensive swap vesus say the LS/LQ swaps for example. I apologize I really should have thought out the wording of the 2 different questions and clarified more eloquently. Really, the reason I started the thread about aftermarket support was to ask which of the the engines stated had better aftermarket support which had the least ( VQ, VG, VH). I didn't intend on throwing any swap question into the thread, I last minute and didn't fully proof read, nor clarify the 2. Either way I've gotten a couple answers, thank yall for that, just wanted to try and clarify what I meant to say in the first post.
  6. At least it's with the same woman lol. I'm blaming this last one on Netflix and Chill lol oops. I wouldn't trade em for anything in the world though.
  7. I would like to say thanks, to the people who replied.
  8. Yeah, I probably should have worded that differently lol. It's been quite some years ( probably 7 or 8) since I've looked into anything for these cars, so that was partially my reasoning for asking. Thank you, all who replied.
  9. I guess the meat and potatoes of what most people think of, cams, can gear, valve train, etc.
  10. Hello all, this is my first post and if it's in the wrong section I'm extremely sorry. Little info about myself, I'm 25, have 2 kids and 1 on the way ( we just found out, she's roughly 7 weeks) I'm not new to working on things as far back as I can remember anything mechanical has held my interest so, I'm not a "noob" but would most definitely not say a master/expert, I've been around a few imports, owned 2 Z31s and when I was a wee lad my dad owned a nice Z32 which I believe is where my infatuation with these cars started. Over the years I've been mostly on the "domestic/muscle" side of the house, I've driven a few things in my opinion were "quick" but maybe not to some of you, I've done a few direct bolt in p n p swaps and a few OEM engine replacements. Pretty OK at wiring as long as I have a good schematic. Said all that to basically give you back info on myself, I do have a question I don't think has been answered. I plan on picking up either a 240/280z or a z32, from there I plan on pretty much doing ground up, as far as upgrades, brakes, suspension, etc. However, when I was trying to decide on potential engine swaps reality hit, I honestly haven't messed with these particular cars too much, I say that in the sense that on the American side I know what engine/trans have good aftermarket support, what has okay/decent so on and so forth. Question time, I know the 1/2JZ have a good following, SR20, KA, and RB ( although it has to be imported) the LS series, SBF, SBC. However, what about engines like the VQ35? VH41/45? I believe the VG30 Has good support seeing as how it's the factory engine for the 300zx, but I was just curious about some of the... Lesser used I guess, VQ, VH, VG etc. I'd rather NOT do an LS, OR an RB.. Would really like to know of the OHC V6 and V8 import models that will fit with realistic costs, what is the aftermarket support like? Example, on scale of 1 - 10, 1 being least 10 being great how is the support for the VH, VG, VQ,1UZ???? I know it's long winded, but I figured I'd give some information about myself first, that way you guys would kind of get a feel for what I can/ can't do, plus I may not have done the best job wording my question. P.S. great site!
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