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  1. annoyingorange

    Rotor phasing

    I have the stock cas but a gotech computer, I'm guessing that the manual is asking me to make sure that rotor phasing is correct before cranking. Many thanks
  2. annoyingorange

    Rotor phasing

    Added for reference
  3. annoyingorange

    Rotor phasing

    My ems calls to check rotor phasing by backing out the crank 40 degrees. Does this means that I need to go back 40 degrees and match adjust cap/distributor with new rotor position?
  4. annoyingorange

    Timing check please

    Most pics that I see have the rotor facing more towards the driver side headlight are mine is facing more toward the radiator. Do you think I got it right?
  5. annoyingorange

    Timing check please

    Yes, holes are line up and used this pic as reference
  6. annoyingorange

    Timing check please

    L28et engine, I change the oil pump, just making sure this is the way it supposed to look before I crank it. The rotor lines up with the cap but it looks different that every other pic that I saw online
  7. annoyingorange

    Svo injector mod??

    What do I have to cut, file or shave out of the injector to fit in barbed style fuel rail?? I could not find anything. Thanks
  8. annoyingorange

    iso 440 injectors or higher

    Must fit Jsk barb fuel rail. Looking to make 350whp. Located in Miami. Thank you.
  9. annoyingorange

    Iso 440 or higher injectors

    Must fit Jsk barb fuel rail. Looking to make 350whp. Located in Miami. Thank you