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  1. How's it going guys I have a 1973 Datsun 240z. I'm dropping in an ls1 in the next few weeks. I've come to a slight obstacle. I am using jci mounts, but being in California, the company will not sell me their headers for the swap. Does anyone know what other headers will work? The cx racing long tubes are very attractive, but I do not know if they will fit with the jci mounts. Does anyone have any experience with these headers?
  2. how do i know the gear ratio? i am not sure what vehicle the diff is from
  3. hows it going guys i have a 1973 240z with a 327 v8. i am in the process of swapping in an ls1. i am currently trying to have a driveshaft made but i do not know what kind of diff is currently in the z. if someone could tell me, that would be awesome. it does have the viscous LSD orange sticker. here is a picture
  4. i may be interested in your kit. give me some specs and a price and ill let you know
  5. upon searching the forums, i could not find anything on turbo kits for my 73' 240z with a 327 ci chevy from a 64' corvette. if anyone could point me towards any turbo kits that would fit this application with little to no modification, let me know! thanks!
  6. I am looking to put on skinny bumpers on my 240z. The bumpers Im looking to buy say that the 240z bumper mounts need modification in order to accommodate the skinny bumpers. Can someone point me in the right direction in terms of what modifications I need to do?
  7. Yes, turns out I do not have scarab badges and emblems. Is it possible that this car was not an origional scarab, but that someone bought a scarab kit for the engine, trans, headers, driveshaft and whatnot? If so, what would that do to the value of this car?
  8. I also have the badge nezt to the drivers seat where the door closes that states beaureu of automotive repair stating that the motor is a 1964 corvette engine 327 with a vin number and whatnot. The car has the same hurst shifter, t10 borg worner transmission, the same hood with vents.
  9. I have been reading up on scarab 240z's. I recently aquired a 1973 240z with a 327. Come to find out, I realized I have the same 327 ci, 350 horsepower 1965 corvette engine, the same 4 speed borg worner transmission, hurst shifter, origional headers, and same intake and carb setup as an origional scarab 240z. Do I have a gem on my hands? How can I verify this and or document this car if it is a true scarab z?
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