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  1. Here are some photos from my swap and of engine mountings. All is done by my colleges as I don't have enouh place in my garage.
  2. Thx RUSSJZ-ZED Next week I am starting the swap... chevy 350 out and 1uz in I quick question regarding oil filter mounting. Will the stock one fit or I need a kit to relocate the oil filter?
  3. I finally manage to found rear sump but its from 3uz (LS 430). I have read somewhere that they are interchangeable with SC400 sumps. Can you please take a look and tell me if its the right one or should I continue searching?
  4. Thank you so much for your help I started my work and I am changing most of gaskets at the moment. Unfortunately I have some issues with crankshaft pulley bolt
  5. Thanks CArFAn You are right with that. Too few swaps like this were done and probably there will be many issues with ECU as there is already a problem with it and huge disadvantage is that this engine was used in a buggy . 1UZ got also stronger rods so during weekend I made a trip and I bought the 1 UZ (strong rods) with auto transmission and with the whole harness from the LS400. I also found the guy who will make for me rear sump. - Is it possible to swap also this auto transmission from LS400? I am not sure if I want to go with manual although many people are trying to convince
  6. Hi Today I found 3UZ from GS430 rwd. The engine is working and the guy who is selling it told me that Immobilizer was removed from main ECU. and we can start the engine although it's out of the car. Immobilizer from ECU was removed by someone in Russia. It is a full set Engine + engine harness + auto transmission + everything what is needed to do full swap. Engine is with rear sump as it was mounted in off road car for a moment. there are 123000 miles on it. The problem is that sometimes engine error pops up and rpm-s are reduced max to 3000 RPM. Second problem is th
  7. Thanks for help. There is no way in my country to find SC400 rear sump . Probably I will need to buy ready kit or to order custom one. Couldnt also find one on ebay What about engine mounts? Where they custom made by you or you used ready kit?
  8. Hi, I am form Poland and I am new on this forum. I own 240z with chevy 350 and 4l60 transmission. Unfortunately in my country parts for this engine same as are 4l60 are unavailable (recently I had to wait 5 weeks for oil drain plug ). So I made decision to change engine and transmission for 1 uz. I studied the forum and projects which has been completed by members of Hybrid Z but could not find answer on few questions. Could you please help me? 1) My initial plan was to buy LS400 and to do swap from this car but after reading the forum I found out that there are 3 types of
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