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  1. Come on guys, I cant be the only heavy guy on this forum. What wider seats have you gotten to work?
  2. Has anyone installed these in their Z? I found a post regarding the standard width Profi fitting but nothing on the XL. What have you larger drivers found that fits you AND the car?
  3. I know this is a very old post but? I am trying to find if anyone has managed to fit the Recaro Profi XL seats into a Z. I have a 280 and am researching what wide seats will fit. Maybe you are still a member?
  4. Gotta be some bigger guys out there. What seats did you get to fit into your car?
  5. I was wondering if anyone on here has fit these Racetech seats into their car. I am a little on the large size (250lbs+) and am trying to figure out what seats will fit me and the car. I have sat in Sparco EVO III's and Chrono's and fit in those but they have much wider outside base or wing dimensions. Any large drivers out there who have this figured out?
  6. Does this price still stand and what component differences are you talking about. Mine is a 280z with an R200.
  7. Actually I bought a Kaas 1.5 way. Its a stock LS3 out of a 2012 Camaro so its 426hp. I plan on keeping it at that HP level at least for now.
  8. Just wondering if I will have to modify or replace the oil pan that came on the used LS3 I purchased. Guy said it was out of a 2012 Camaro. It has the oil to water heat exchange part on the drivers side I guess I should have mentioned WHAT I was putting the LS3 in- 1976 280Z
  9. I guess when you put it that way. There are three tracks within an hour or so, all quite different. The heck with it, I'm leaving the 3.54's in. Thanks
  10. I guess I am going to have to get the car on the track with the 3.54's and just see what I get. I am going to pick out the wheels and tires and have to adjust to those.
  11. Since I am installing a big disk brake I will probably use 16" wheels, not sure on tire diameter maybe 25" The LS3 peaks around 6000 rpm so maybe 6500 rpm limiter
  12. Thanks guys, I'll leave it alone then and try it out. I purchased and LS unit and thought if I was needing a change now would be the time to do it.
  13. Wont be a daily driver, probably to some cruises plus its 100 moles to the track.
  14. I'm installing an LS3 and TR 6060 with the 3.01 first gear in my 280Z. My goal is to run it for fun on the local ( Denver area) road courses. I believe the diff has stock 3.54's? What would you guys (or gals) recommend for a good all around ratio.
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